What Great Looks Like - The Key to Unlocking Performance through People

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Once upon a time, there was a ‘Great’ Misunderstanding... Businesses thought they knew ‘What Great Looked Like’. And they stuck to that for years...

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Looking at Past Experience 1970 Born in a Great Family 1985 Went to a Great University 2015 Worked for some Great Companies Subjective processes were being used that disproportionately favoured past performance over and above future potential. And everyone fought over who they thought were the best candidates...

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Great Education Great Experience Great Companies on CV A Few Months Later ... Poor Cultural Fit Wrong Capabilities Subjective Development But they were wrong...

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The ‘Great’ Consequences A single mis-hire costs businesses 4 -14x Base Salary Wasted... Of the people businesses identify as ‘High Potential’, just 16% will make it to senior roles (where do the rest go?...) Talent Energy Money

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Because... Talent is Situational Right Individual + Right Role + Right = Company Performance

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That’s where Chemistry come in with ... What Great Looks Like

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We believe a fundamental shift in businesses’ approach to talent is needed. The answer isn’t a psychometric test; the answer is defining high-performance talent, unique to your objectives, your culture and your customers. We call this process What Great Looks Like. It underpins everything we do. And it’s what makes us the most accurate predictors of human performance in the workplace !

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We’d love to talk more about how we can help you. Email us at [email protected] www.thechemistrygroup.com

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