Top 10 HR Time Wasters [Infographic]

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A BambooHR Infographic TOP HR PRODUCTIVITY KILLERS W H AT ’ S K E E P I N G YO U F R O M D O I N G M O R E MEANINGFUL WORK? Top 10 PRODUCTIVITY THREATS Employee Management Recruiting Managing time cards Updating Employee Information Managing Benefits Reporting Compliance Event Planning Legal Issues Tracking PTO HR wants to be involved in handling bigger issues that directly impact the company and its bottom line. Where’s HR spending most of its time? 71 Employee management 54 Company policies and compliance % % 42 % Answering questions, resolving issues, recognition and discipline Health benefit laws, 401k, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation Recruiting Job fairs, listings and posts, reviewing resumes, reference and background checks, interviewing HR thinks they should spend more time on: HR isn’t your party planner. HR event planning tasks should consume as much of the little (to no) time that they do. 54% 47% 37% Professional development Conducting trainings Managing and overseeing company culture Professional Development HR is Getting training 4 out of 5 2 out of 3 1-5 hrs HR pros attended HR-related trainings in the last 12 months. HR pros spend an hour or more educating themselves on HR updates weekly. 60 % of HR pros spend an average of 1-5 hours per week educating themselves on HR policy, procedure and compliance updates. Important tasks HR pros feel undertrained on— based on size of company: SMB Companies Large Companies (0-499 employees) (500+ employees) Workforce planning Workforce planning Conducting trainings Professional development Compensation Managing and overseeing culture Large businesses know certain tasks shouldn't take that much time Tracking PTO Large Biz: 43% spend NO time on PTO SMB: 22% spend NO time on PTO Updating Employee info Managing Timecards and Running Payroll Large Biz: 16% spend NO time Large Biz: 47% spend NO time on SMB: 7% spend NO time updating SMB: 27% spend NO time on managing updating employee info employee info Whose job is it? managing timecards and running payroll timecards and running payroll Management’s responsibility 82% of HR pros feel it’s primarily management’s responsibility to keep employees productive. 65% of HR pros feel it’s primarily management’s responsibility to keep employees happy. However, 69% of HR pros believe they understand the needs and issues of employees more than management. HR professionals are seeking to improve their job performance and enhance their role within the company. As technology and the workplace continue to evolve, the once traditional view of HR will adapt alongside them, continuing to usher in this new era of HR. The August 2014 study collected responses via an online survey from 1,307 U.S.-based HR professionals (the majority of whom [75 percent] have worked in the HR industry for 10+ years) who are currently employed by small (<50 employees) to large (500+ employees) businesses. This research was generated by BambooHR and HR Daily Advisor.

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