How to Celebrate Your Team

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HOW TO CELEBRATE YOUR TEAM with Jon Stein Powered by

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This presentation consists of insights inspired by 33voices® interviews with Jenna Abdou.

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FEATURING Jon Stein Co-founder and CEO of Betterment @Jonstein @Betterment

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Adopt a pre-school’s mentality by asking more questions than you give answers.

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“We tend to recognize that when a child asks a question what they are really doing is giving us an opportunity to test their knowledge. They probably already have a theory about the way things are.”

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“Always be asking great questions. When your team members ask you a question turn it back to them and ask: ‘What do you guys think? What are you hearing?’”

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“The best ideas are going to come from your people.”

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Motivate and unite your team with a motto. At Betterment, they believe in: Small teams. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

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If you work towards one goal as a leader: “Make sure that everyone at your company can do the best work of their lives.”

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The only way to achieve that is empowering team members to do great work.

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The only way to achieve that is empowering team members to do great work. “Empower your team with information; the full context of everything that is going on in the industry, competitively, financially, and internally with your product and processes.”

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Promote autonomy by aligning individuals and teams around clear goals they are encouraged to achieve on their own.

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“Small teams that are not dependent on others for input or resources can execute incredibly efficiently.”

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Operating in small teams isn’t an indication that your organization lacks unity or cross-departmental collaboration. It simply means: When you have a question, you’re empowered to find the answer.

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For you and your team, the best way to learn is to learn on the job.

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“Always have an expansive mindset that your team can get smarter. There’s always more that you don’t know than you do.”

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Conduct performance reviews (Betterment’s are bi-annual) to enable your team to set and achieve higher goals.

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The goal is for each team member to receive a holistic view of his or her performance.

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Each review should be thorough and begin with how an individual’s work compares to their current goals.

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Next, you’ll discuss his or her self-review, their manager’s feedback, and insights from three or four team members who they’ve elected to review their work. Their managers will relay this data anonymously.

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The second half of the meeting is dedicated to setting goals for the next six months.

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“Performance reviews are one of the most important things we do as managers. This is for our people. It’s everything to them. They’ve committed their lives to this. It’s very important that they know they’re on the right track and appreciated.” “You have to know if you’re doing the right things to make it to the next level.”

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Make it a priority to celebrate your team’s achievements. Each year, 10 - 20 percent of team members are recognized for achieving their goals at the Betterment of Betterment Awards.

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How do you celebrate your team?

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