What is a fully engaged customer? Definitions from 12 experts.

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What is a fully engaged customer? Definitions from 12 experts.

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Fully engaged customers are emotionally attached and rationally loyal. -GALLUP

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Fully engaged customers are those who interact through any or as many of the digital and physical channels offered by a company they are loyal to. Nayaki Nayyar, SVP SAP Customer Engagement & Commerce

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The ongoing interactions between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.   Paul Greenberg The 56 Group Author of CRM at the Speed of Light

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Satisfied customers give you a rating. Engaged customers connect at another level, sometimes an emotional level that can ultimately lead to customer loyalty. Shep Hyken Customer Service Expert

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A fully engaged customer is one who's regularly proactively seeking out your brand. The challenge for brands is creating an environment for people to proactively engage. It's being there at the right time, with the right messages, product and offering, through the right vehicles.  Erin Raese, COO & Editor-in-Chief Loyalty360

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A fully engaged customer is one who has determined their current state is unacceptable, that they must change to achieve their goals.  Consequently, they are actively engaged in the change process—engaging others in the company, suppliers, and customers in defining, designing, and implementing the change. David Brock Partners in Excellence

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A fully engaged customer is someone who doesn't remember what you did for them or what you said to them, but instead remembers how you made them "feel". This customer has moved beyond loyalty, they are a fan – and they actively advocate for you, everywhere.  Jamie Anderson, SVP Marketing Hybris, an SAP Company

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Customer have the power today, Engaged customers are those who feel like their voice is heard, they know the brand is listening and can relate to the brands message as well as their purpose. Brian Fanzo Social Change Evangelist @isocialfanz

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An engaged customer interacts with your brand, tells others about your brand, feels that you're "my brand."  As a result, engaged customers buy more, are loyal, are more open to line extensions, are somewhat less price sensitive, and are the best ambassadors a brand can have. Micah Solomon Customer Experience Consultant

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  A fully engaged customer is one that goes beyond the “Like” and is participating with the brand, advocating for it, referring it to others and has the potential to become a lifetime customer. Dr. Natalie Petouhoff – VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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When a customer purchases a product or service from a company, he or she expects a finite thing with a defined utility; to prevent disappointment, vendors should not promise more than can be delivered. An engaged customer is also a respected customer—businesses must understand to what extent each customer wants to share personal information. Raluca Druta – Research Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers

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A fully engaged customer is someone who trusts (and maybe even likes!) you…and believes connecting with you is valuable.  Anneke Seley Founder and CEO, Reality Works Group

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