Improving Customer Service

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Improving Customer Service

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Our Panel Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights Keith Holliday, Director – Global Consumer Supply Chain Sonoco Products Dale McClung, BDP International

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Sonoco is a Global Packaging Company Founded in 1899, Sonoco is a $5.3 billion global provider of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging and packaging supply chain services. With more than 20,700 employees working in more than 300 operations in 34 countries, we serve some of the world’s best-known brands in some 85 nations. Consumer Packaging Display and Packaging Paper and Industrial Converted Protective Solutions

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What We Achieved

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BDP International: A Tradition of Customer Intimacy Logistics and transport management enterprise, serving global supply chains Privately held corporation founded in 1966 Principal industries: chemical, oil and gas, life science, consumer goods, healthcare, machinery, retail Operations spanning 135+ countries in every major market Wholly-owned subsidiaries, equity partners, joint ventures, agent affiliates Regional Centers of Excellence in Antwerp, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Houston and Philadelphia 4000 employees worldwide

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Large enough to leverage unexpected value; Small enough to care Annual sales – 2 Billion USD 200,000 monthly transactions 15% to 20% year-over-year growth to date Value proposition built on best-in-class processes, global presence, client-driven systems, flawless tactical execution and a nimble, small-company customer service culture Proven Assets Talented, caring employees with deep, domain expertise Practical technology tools that deliver visibility, reliability and connectivity Uncommon ideas for a climate of perpetual change Solutions that simplify complex problems

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Organizational Alignment

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Role of Order Management IT Systems: Importance vs. Satisfaction* Top 2 ____________________________________________________________________________ Source: Supply Chain Insights LLC, Supply Chain Leaders Speak Study (Jan-Sep 2015) Base: Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors – Have IT system operational (n=30-35) – only showing those with 30+ base size Q16. How important are each of your current IT systems to your supply chain organization? SCALE: 7=Extremely important – 1=Not at all important Q17. How satisfied are you with each of your current IT systems shown below? SCALE: 7=Extremely satisfied – 1=Extremely dissatisfied *Importance and satisfaction data are those who rated it 5-7 vs. 7 on 7-point scale (top 3 box)

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Focus of Spending ____________________________________________________________________________ Source: Supply Chain Insights LLC, Supply Chain Leaders Speak Study (Jan-Sep 2015) Base: Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors – Area is applicable to company (n=34-40) 24C. For each of the following areas, please indicate if your company’s IT spending in 2015 will increase, stay the same, or decrease, compared to last year.

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History of Retail Scorecards

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Helping You Understand Your Customers

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Customer Priorities

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Changes Over Time

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Customers vs. Employee Perspective

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Questions? It’s Time For Q&A

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About Supply Chain Insights

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About Lora Cecere Founder of Supply Chain Insights “LinkedIn Influencer” Guest blog for Forbes Author of 4 books: Bricks Matter (2012), Shaman’s Journal (2014), Supply Chain Metrics That Matter (2014), Shaman’s Journal (2015) Partner at Altimeter Group (leader in open research) 7 years of Management Experience leading Analyst Teams at Gartner and AMR Research 8 years Experience in Marketing and Selling Supply Chain Software at Descartes Systems Group and Manugistics (now JDA) 15 Years Leading teams in Manufacturing and Distribution operations for Clorox, Kraft/General Foods, Nestle/Dreyers Grand Ice Cream and Procter & Gamble. Contact Information: Email: [email protected] Blog: (15,000 pageviews/month) Forbes: Twitter: (6,800 followers) LinkedIn: (66,724 followers) LinkedIn Influencer: