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in 2012 we set out to build a tool that finally made performance tracking SIMPLE by replacing traditional spreadsheets, journals, & whiteboards. ENTER WODIFY.

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today, Wodify is A cloud based platform designed to give gyms and athletes a competitive edge. offering everything from performance tracking to member management, Wodify lives in over 3,000 fitness centers internationally. OUR APP

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57thousand Facebook Likes 4 million Likes & Comments 54 million Results Logged 7-10 NEW GYMS Per Day 71 Used in Countries 500,000 WODIFY Users

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Prod u Visi ct on

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our future Without a global sales and marketing strategy we’ve attracted an international user-base of 25%. By prioritizing the global market, we’d like to see that number grow by 100% YOY in 2016 and 2017. We already have a strong hold of the CrossFit market. Next, we plan to leverage our unique capabilities to enrich other Fitness verticals. We will concentrate on diversifying our product offerings to not only strengthen our business to business (B2B) play but also create a business to consumer (B2C) relationship. Traditionally, we have worked with individual gyms. Now we are focusing our efforts on national health clubs, corporate wellness initiatives, and even the individual practitioner.

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our culture

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It’s what we strive for every step of the way

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We expect employees to always do what’s right. From moral conundrums to business strategies, integrity is nonnegotiable. integrity

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Two heads are better than one. We work side-by-side to make our work more robust, effective, and valuable. We step up to work with each other when opportunities present themselves, and take pride in offering to help when nobody’s looking. collaboration

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We take ownership of our actions, for better or worse. We’re honest about mistakes we make and never play the blame game. Our employees are selfmotivated and selfdisciplined. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to get the job done right. accountability

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We love to make each other laugh. Fostering a community of employees that genuinely enjoy spending time together makes us a happier and stronger organization. Giving back is a part of who we are. Internally or externally, we provide opportunities to get involved. community

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Our employees accomplish amazing amounts of important work, and demonstrate consistently strong performance. We make sure to always work smart, not hard, and to solve the right problems. impact

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our valu es

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BE OPEN honest and helpful

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Transparency and candor are key to conducting business effectively. When asked for feedback, being concise, honest and constructive is the best way to help. BE OPEN honest and helpful

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keep it simple

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keep it To always stay on the right simple track, we keep it simple. This applies not only to our physical work environment but also to our state of mind and the products we produce.

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We like to say everyone owns a slice of the business. Every time we make a decision, BIG or SMALL, we impact our business. In order to maintain our startup culture everyone must be passionate, resourceful, and take intelligent risks. THINK LIKE A Business OWNER

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start with why If you can’t explain why you’re doing something, you’ve got a problem. Acting without intent is destructive at worst and useless at best. We ask the right questions to truly understand why.

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be disruptive It’s in our nature to deviate from the status quo. We go beyond improving experiences to creating new ones. Our ideas are fresh and irreverent to the attitude, “this is the way it’s always been done”. We aspire to challenge tradition and define value in new ways.

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n bo Lis Philly No matter where we work, our culture and values carry us through our workdays and unite us as a team.

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time services profits 1% 1% 1% of our time volunteering with local non-profit organizations of our services to nonprofits to help streamline their business processes Wodify’s of our profits to support community outreach, education, technology 1:1:1 Model

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employee perks

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noon workout

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p e d I c u r e s

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b a r b e r

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meal delivery

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A great workplace is... Awesome Colleagues By embodying our culture and values, we are able to work with talented folks who truly make awesome colleagues. It is not espresso, lush benefits, sushi lunches, grand parties, or nice offices that keep us coming back... It’s the people.

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