Augmented Reality in Tourism

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Augmented Reality in Tourism Larissa Neuburger, MA 22th October 2015

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Augmented Reality …an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (as a smartphone camera). (Merriam-Webster, 2015) …describes the concept of augmenting a view of the real world with 2D images or 3D objects. (Woods et al., 2004)

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Augmented vs. Virtual

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Augmented vs. Virtual Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Supplementing Replacing Not block out the world Blocks out the real world Can be used anywhere Best in controlled environment No need to be realistic Virtual world has to be realistic 3D rendering is not crucial 3D rendering necessary Challenge tracking & sensing No need for tracking & sensing Source: Digi-Capital, 2015

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Future Perspective

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AR in medicine

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AR in manufacturing

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AR in Education

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AR in Retail

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AR in Tourism

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AR in the museum "[…] AR tools offer users the possibility to deploy their phones as pocket-sized screens through which surrounding spaces become the stage for endless extra layers of information." (Schavemaker, 2011) Limited space in museums Visitor interaction No expensive hardware Easy to use

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Target Recognition

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Case Study Dommuseum

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Dommuseum Salzburg Part of Domquartier Open since May 2014 “Five members – one experience” 15.000 m² 2.000 exhibits 1.300 years of history art treasures from churches & Cathedral of Salzburg

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Experience Economy Differentiation Experience Service Goods Commodities Source: Adapted from Pine, Gilmore 2011, p.34 Pricing

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The Perfect Experience Source: Adapted from Pine, Gilmore 1999, p.30

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Museum Experience Scale Engagement Knowledge/ Learning Meaningful Experience Source: Othman et al., 2011 Emotional Connection

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Research Design Experimental Group Questionnaire Experiment Control Group

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Collected Data Sample Size = 178 Reliability Test: Cronbach´s Alpha > 0,7 required & validated All results significance level: p < 0,05 or p < 0,01

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Results Experience Overall Experience 5,22 Education 5,74 Esthetics 5,65 Entertainment 5,02 Escapism 4,48 Escapism Mean Entertainment Esthetics Education 4,48 5,02 5,65 5,74 Overall Experience 5,22

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Results MES Overall MES 5,03 Knowledge/Learning 5,76 Engagement 5,62 Meaningful Experience 5,01 Emotional Connection 3,76 0 Emotional Connection Mean 3,76 1 Meaningful Experience 5,01 2 3 Engagement 5,62 4 5 6 Knowledge/Le Overall MES arning 5,76 5,03 7

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Is Augmented Reality enhancing the experience of museum visitors?

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T-Test Experience Construct Results Entertainment Significant Result Education Significant Result Escapism Significant Result Esthetics Not Significant Result Overall Experience Significant Result

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T-Test MES Construct Results Engagement Significant Result Knowledge/Learning Significant Result Emotional Connection Significant Result Meaningful Experience Significant Result Overall Museum Experience Scale Significant Result

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Picture credits Augmented Reality: Virtual Reality: Medicine: Manufacturing: Education: Retail: Tourism:

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