Your Life Without the Internet

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Imagine Your Life Without the Internet

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There would be: • No texting • No email • No apps • No social media

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That’s the situation for nearly 2/3 of the world. Over 4 billion people don’t have texting, email, social media, online banking, games, search, etc. Many of these same people DO have cell phones, but they only use them for talking.

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Infrastructure isn’t the problem Access to the internet exists for most of the world – over 86%. This access is through mobile phones including: •69% of people living in Africa •89% of people living in Asia •100% of people living in the USA, Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Arab States* *Source United Nations Press Release, May 2014

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Poverty isn’t the Problem Samsung, Micromax, Xiaomi, and other device makers in China and ndia o er ow- rice handsets any eo e can a ord the internet but they don t ha e it

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So, what is the problem? If over 2/3 of the world has access to the internet, why don’t they use it?

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The Language Barrier The main reason over four billion people don’t access the internet is a lack of compelling content that feels relevant. hey don t find meanin u content because their nati e language isn’t found on the internet. (Not everyone speaks, or can read, English.)

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There are over 4,000 languages in the world. Examples: ndia has o cia an ua es with about China has main an ua es and • rica has sub- an ua es dia ects an ua e ami ies with o er actua an ua es

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The internet is only available in 36 languages Mobile device manufacturers are working to support many more an ua es but they re ha in a di cu t time due to the alphabet structure of many languages.

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Translation Problems In this age where computers can solve almost everything – they can’t translate as well as a native language speaker. It takes one linguistic expert around one year to digitally convert a single language into keyboard fonts. If this language barrier were overcome, it could bring six billion people together.

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rans ation i cu ties Cost ro an ua es er an ua e imes that by ust mi ion ime ts di cu t to find trans ators eo e who know both n ish and esser-known an ua es such as biem in aant u or in re ian

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Race Against Time Although the cost is steep, the real complication is the race against time. Google, Apple, and Facebook – as well as lesser known com anies are a racin to be the first to connect the wor d Having relevant content, so people see how the internet improves their lives, is what is lacking.

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Language Translation Solution One company has created a solution. It has – right now – 2,600 languages with fonts for keyboard input. This solution could be used – right now – to connect the world.

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Dependable Track Record This solution was actually created back in 1984. It has been used over and over again with a proven track record. This solution has been used by large companies and universities to translate text into various languages. It has over 50,000 customers.

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Linguist’s Software is the Solution Linguist’s Software is a small company in Edmonds, Washington. It didn’t start out to change the world. It began as a way to solve a problem.

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Linguist’s Software Story Linguist’s Software was started by Philip B. Payne, Ph.D. Dr. Payne taught New Testament Greek at Cambridge University. His love of the Bible led him to become a missionary in Japan. He needed Greek, Hebrew, and Japanese fonts to help him. There were no fonts available.

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Dr. Payne purchased one of the original 128K Macintosh computers. He also hired one of the first Mac programmers to teach him how to create fonts. When MacWorld Magazine heard about Dr. Payne’s work-and published four columns of Greek, Hebrew, and Japanese text in their November 1984 issue. Linguist’s Software, Inc. was born.

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Over the next few decades, people requested more and more language font-sets. Dr. Payne, along with native speakers from many languages, created these font sets. A project to translate the Bible into Japanese turned into something much more. It became the world’s greatest source for professional-quality language fonts for scholars, academics, businesses, and governments around the world.

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Some Customer Comments "Linguist's Software provides excellent fonts for all kinds of languages for Windows and Macintosh. Transferring documents from one platform to the other is made without problems. These fonts have excellent design and a large variety of styles.” ~Pere Casanellas, Barcelona, Spain "After purchasing over 20 of your products, I am pleased to say that your quality fonts have been a great help to me for many years. Your fonts are much easier to use [than your competitors']. ~Husein Rofé, Polyglot Translations, Singapore; Brighton, England; Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

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Customer Comment "I first bought Macintosh fonts from Linguist's Software at least 15 years ago, and I was immediately impressed with their quality and used them for years with no problems whatsoever. When I switched to the Windows platform a few years ago, I tried several different sorts of fonts, but none of them were comparable in quality and ease of use to your products. My initial purchase of LaserHindi Sanskrit a few days ago only served to confirm once again that fonts from Linguist's Software are in a class by themselves. (May I also compliment you on the excellent user's manuals that you produce; I'm glad that your company is willing to buck the minimalist trend in the industry and continue to produce well-written, well-produced, very comprehensive hard-copy manuals.) A satisfied customer...“ ~Jack Hagge, Iowa State University, Program in Linguistics

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Linguist’s Software Details:

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Linguist’s Software Solution Linguist’s Software is selling the exclusive use and licensing of its copyrighted fonts for 2,600 languages - and includes the input software. This will create an entirely new market: Over 60% of the world’s population that is not connected to the internet.

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Imagine Success Imagine a potential customer: A young man living in Oum El Assel – a small city in Western Algeria. He is a seller of shoes. This young man has a cell phone with an expensive voice-only plan that he uses sparingly. He doesn’t see the need for a data plan because he can’t text, type, or read anything. His native language – Tamashek – isn’t on the internet.

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You have Linguist’s Software. You contract with the carrier of this man’s cell phone. You offer texting, email, and internet search in Tamashek. Suddenly everyone in Oum El Assel wants a smartphone. They can access Facebook. They can text their friends for cheaper than they can talk. They can even login to their bank. This young man can now set up an internet storefront. People can buy shoes from him online. You have opened up the world for him and the 4,000 other people in western Algeria who speak Tamashek.

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Imagine your company opening up the internet to truly become the world-wide web.

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This opportunity won’t be around for long • India is a fast-growing market (1.2 billion people) with only one big multi-language phone company (Micromax21) that only covers 1/10 of India’s languages • Africa is a huge, fast-growing market with 1.1 billion people and NO multi-language smart phone.(Linguist’s Software owns fonts for 1,540 African languages.)

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Consider the Possibilities • Global Gaming is a $60 billion industry – but doesn’t exist in communities where their native language isn’t supported • Ninety percent of the world uses some form of cell phones. When voice-only users see “relevant content” in their native languages, they’ll jump on board for cheap data plans

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Is the time right for your company? Are you a phone or social networking company? If so, this will be the only fast track to achieve global dominance. Contact us today to discuss how you can become first-to-market and open up the World Wide Web.

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