CES 2016 Preview Report

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CES 2016 Preview Report

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Table of Contents • Overview • Trends • Spotlight on… • Internet of things • Drones • Virtual reality • TV • Contact

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Overview charts and quotes to make you sound smarter just by copying and pasting them

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Insert smart-looking charts from others

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Insert smart-looking charts from others

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Insert smart-looking charts from others

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Framework for charting impact of what you see at CES Innovative Applicable

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Framework for charting impact of what you see at CES Innovative Applicable Innovative Irrelevant Applicable Essential

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[Insert inspirational quote about brands at CES, eg:] “Marketing is like a Las Vegas buffet. Or a Cirque du Soleil show. Or the Bellagio fountain. You never know what you’re gonna get.” --F500 marketer

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[Insert quote from Michael Kassan to ensure we’re on MediaLink’s invite lists - eg:] “CES isn’t just about consumers. It isn’t just about electronics. It’s about the show.” – Michael Kassan, Chairman and CEO, MediaLink

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Gratuitous shots of people on show floor using selfie sticks

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Map of CES show floor Entrance The one exhibit you really want to see

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Trends remember the 80-20 rule: you can recycle no more of 80% of last year’s trends so make up the other 20%

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We don’t need self-driving cars but self-driving roads

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The Statue of Liberty is the world’s tallest beacon

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When technology talks to itself, everyone needs to listen

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Wearables are the new shareables

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The internet of things can be everything or something, but not nothing

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Internet of Stuff or Things or Whatever All of our devices are talking to each other. Pretty soon, they’ll take after us and just check their iPhones instead.

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Nothing is more romantic than giving your partner a ring that tells them to get more exercise and sleep

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“Sengled Voice is the only integrated microphone/speaker LED bulb on the market.” Because we need 50,000 choices for talking lightbulbs.

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Interet of Things (IoT) Bingo: Find any of these connected devices

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Drones What other tech can simultaneously take selfies while invading Moldova?

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The next wave of drones: self-flying drones you can carry with you. You’ll also need a selfie brush so your hair looks perfect in those drone selfies (dronies)

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Drone Bingo! Find a drone that…

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Virtual Reality When real reality is just getting a little too real.

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Insert shots of branded VR experiences

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Insert shots of people fumbling around using VR

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Google Cardboard’s a thing, so show someone using that

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Insert weirdest VR stock photo you can find

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VR Bingo! Find a VR experience where you can do each of these activities:

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Cars We were promised flying cars. Now we have to sit through yet another freaking deck referencing that quote like it’s Mark 12:31.

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Show scary image of what self-driving cars look like

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Not up for a self-driving car? We’ll soon have self-driving hoverboards Source: Lexus

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TVs Smartwatches and beacons don’t take up much booth space, so OEMs have to fill it with something

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Photo montage of all the breakthrough 4K, 8K, and 3D TVs that everyone’s talking about this year IMAGE NOT FOUND

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Links and Resources CES 2016 Innovation Awards CES 2016 Sneak Peek: 9 Cool Gadgets (InformationWeek) Top Technology Trend to Watch 2016-2018 (Forrester) Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trend for 2016 (Forbes)

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Contact us David Berkowitz CMO, MRY @mry / @dberkowitz www.mry.com [email protected]