The Human Body in the IoT

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Making the Most of Our Data The Human Body in the Internet of Things Tim Cannon & Ryan O’Shea @TimTheCyborg @Ryan0Shea Grindhouse Wetware

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Biohacking Detail of the augmentation in my hands. Screenshot courtesy of ProSabien and Galileo.

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Biohacking Early prototype of Grindhouse’s Circadia, an implantable device that sends biometric data wirelessly from your body to your phone.

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A History of Citizen Science ● ● ● ● ● Academic Journals Gentleman Scientist Amatuer Scientists Ortieg Prize X Prize

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Innovations for Accessibility ● ● ● ● ● Light Bulb PCR Arduino MakerBot RaspberryPi Linux

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Why is this important? ● Scientific Literacy ● Economic Recovery ● Tech4Good

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Hacking and Citizen Science

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Northstar V1

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Iterative Development at Work

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So what is next? ● ● ● ● ● Active Control of Digital Systems Passive Control of Digital Systems Digital Feedback Peripheral Nervous System Central Nervous System

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Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

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Who Owns Your Data?

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“Vital $igns”

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Body Area Networks

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Biological Chemicals

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Why do any of this?

Slide 23 [email protected] Tim Cannon & Ryan O’Shea @TimTheCyborg @Ryan0Shea

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