Automating Your Daily Tasks with Scripting

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Automating Your Daily Tasks with Scripting Adler Hsieh RubyConf Taiwan 2015-9-11

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Agenda What is Scripting Why Scripting Several Cases Script Management Q & A

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Only Basic Concept

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Who am I Adler Hsieh Software Engineer at OneAD Ruby, JavaScript, PHP Github: adlerhsieh Twitter: @adler_hsieh Blog:

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What is Scripting

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Let’s make it simple

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Let’s make it a little useful

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How do I get my local ip address?

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> ifconfig

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What is scripting Your local ip address

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What is scripting

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What is scripting Basically… Small programs solving Small problems

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Plus… Saves time Easy to write Easy to manage

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And… Show off

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Cases Cleaning old files Shutdown local server MySQL Database import from .sql

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Cleaning Old Files Scenario All downloaded files are in one directory Directory becomes very large

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Cleaning Old Files

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Cleaning Old Files

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Cleaning Old Files Use it with Cron

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Shutdown Server Scenario Local server crashes I cannot shut down my rails server with ctrl + c

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Shutdown Server > lsof –i:3000 > kill -9 PID

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Shutdown Server

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Importing MySQL database with .sql Scenario When there is bug Importing production DB to local DB

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Importing MySQL database with .sql > ssh [email protected] > mysqldump –u username –p db_name > db.sql > exit > scp [email protected]:db.sql db.sql > mysql –u username –p db_name < db.sql

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Importing MySQL database with .sql

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Cases Scripts are task-specific Find patterns in your tasks

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Managing Scripts

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Managing Scripts If you do not manage scripts… Scripts everywhere You have to remember file locations

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Managing Scripts Purpose All scripts at a glance Write once, run everywhere

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Managing Scripts Rake Managing all rake tasks in ~/.rake folder task_a.rake task_b.rake Prefixing ‘rake’ command Description support

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Managing Scripts

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Managing Scripts Managing tasks like in Rails restart.rake import.rake local_ip.rake clean.rake Thus, run `rake` command from anywhere (add –g option if necessary)

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Managing Scripts Make scripts executables Separate scripts by commands The bad part Too many commands Conflicting with existing commands

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Managing Scripts > chmod 755 hello.rb > mv hello.rb hello > ./hello

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Managing Scripts Change the following line in your ‘.bashrc’: export PATH=“/user/bin:/usr/local/bin” To: export PATH=“/user/bin:/usr/local/bin:/scripts” And you can do: > hello

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That’s it!

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Recap Scripts are small programs solving small problems Scripts are case-specific Automation saves energy & time Managing scripts with rake

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Make your own scripts!

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Thank you! Slides are available on my Twitter @adler_hsieh