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Modern web application Java development JHipster

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Who is Driss Amri? Traveler, Diver, Programmer Blogger at

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Hipster n, noun 1. One who is exceptionally aware of or interested in the latest trends and tastes.

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Eww, Java?! TIOBE GitHub

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Java 8 Parallel Collections JSR 310 Date and Time API Functional Interfaces with default methods Lambda Expressions (Closures) Nashorn JavaScript engine

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Trends in Java Annotations Environments: development, production Microservices No containers Monitoring

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Production-ready applications ● HTTP Caching and GZip? ● JavaScript minification? ● Monitoring? ● Logging? ● Deployment? ● …

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Backend development

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Spring Boot Demo

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Spring Initializr @

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Spring Boot Create standalone Spring application Embedded web container Convention over configuration Defaults to Spring best practises Production ready features

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Frontend development

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Trends in Web Development JavaScript MVC frameworks HTML 5 and CSS 3 Mobile First Front-end optimization REST API’s

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What if we...

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JHipster Foundation Options Spring Boot Java 8 or Java 7 Spring Security Maven or Gradle AngularJS Bootstrap Authentication: Token-based, Cookie-based, OAuth2 Bower Caching: EhCache or Hazelcast Metrics Grunt or gulp.js Liquibase (legacy)

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JHipster demo

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JHipster demo (cont’d)

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JHipster demo (cont’d)

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Demo JHipster on Bluemix Problem

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Production-ready applications with JHipster HTTP Caching and GZip? JavaScript minification? Monitoring? Logging? Deployment?

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Frameworks to check Basics Advanced Maven Liquibase Yeoman Spring Security Grunt BrowserSync Bower Karma Spring (Boot) Gatling AngularJS Swagger Bootstrap

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Get started![jhipster]

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