A Tale of Two Screens: Getting High Brightness Digital Signage Right

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A TALE OF TWO SCREENS Retailers, bankers, schools and institutions are all using digital screens in street-level windows to provide highly visible, impactful messaging. But getting it right involves much more than putting a big display in a window. RIGHT WRONG TODAY ONLY TODAY ONLY DONE RIGHT DONE WRONG ale S ale S BACK TO SCHOOL BACK TO SCHOOL ON THE BRIGHT SIDE Sunny environments require high-bright displays with a luminance of at least 2,000 nits. If the display doesn’t generate enough light, its visuals are overpowered by the sun. Nice! Huh? Windows facing east and west have the biggest problems, while screens in shaded areas have fewer challenges in being seen. Conventional displays, designed for inside use, have as little as 20% of the necessary brightness to be daylight readable. Jamaica COME TO PARADISE starting at Cool! $699 MADE FOR SHADES If people stopping to look at LCD window displays are wearing sunglasses, they’ll either appreciate the crisp vivid visuals from the screen, or think they need to sit down. Whoa! Screens made properly use circular polarizing technology that eliminates display blindness and distortions caused by polarized sunglasses. ADAPTIVE & EFFICIENT Smart high-brightness displays have sensors that measure the ambient light and automatically adjust the brightness levels on screens. TOO Bright! Outdoor displays need to be brightest on sunny days, and should adjust down when the clouds are in. At night, brightness levels can drop way down. Need! A screen that’s always bright will overpower viewers, and also consume far more energy (elevating operating costs) than smart displays. CLUTTER-FREE & SLIM Smart digital signage displays come with embedded system on chip (SoC) media players and built-in WiFi, eliminating the need for extra devices and cables. They’re also engineered to be slim front to back, minimizing the footprint in tight window settings. Further, while many outdoor displays come with noisy fans that can distract customers, Samsung outdoor displays control noise equivalent to that of a whisper in a quiet library. HIGH BRIGHTNESS DISPLAYS Combine the performance and engineering needed to operate in bright windowfronts with the latest smarts and design sensibilities. THEY’RE USED IN MANY WAYS: 15,999.01 2,064.77 -101.82 75.87 -896.81 -17.11 11,885.34 DIGITAL POSTERS DISPLAY WALLS TOTEMS INFORMATION INTERACTIVE Samsung’s outdoor and high brightness displays are engineered to perform in even the toughest visual environments. OMD-W SERIES – Storefront window solution delivering 2500 nits to communicate clearly on the sunniest days OMD-K SERIES – A high-brightness display kit ready to install in your custom enclosure OHD SERIES – Rugged, weatherproofed display solution with IP56 certification for easy outdoor installation LEARN MORE: SAMSUNG.COM/OUTDOORDISPLAYS

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