IT Managers Answer Questions about the Future of the Digital Economy

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THE  STATE  OF  DIGITAL     TRANSFORMATION  IN  BUSINESS Opportuni9es  and  Roadblocks      

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WHAT’S  AT  STAKE  IN  THE  DIGITAL  ECONOMY?   To  remain  compe99ve,  companies   must  tackle  the  reality  of  an     all-­‐digital  world  and  keep  up  with   everyday  business.     ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   2  

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METHODOLOGY   We  asked  100+  IT  managers  at   Fortune  1000  companies  about  how   they’re  managing  their  companies’   transi9on  to  the  digital  economy.   This  is  what  they  had  to  say.     Source:  TechValidate  TVID:  E8F-­‐391-­‐DC0,  The  State  of  Digital  TransformaLon  in  Business   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   3  

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IS  THE  DIGITAL  ECONOMY  HELPING     OR  HINDERING  BUSINESS?   According  to  respondents,  mobile  technologies  and  the     consumeriza9on  of  IT  are  having  a  posi9ve  impact  on  business:   46%   posiLve  impact  on     customer  saLsfacLon   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   44%   improved  ability  to     drive  innovaLon  within     the  business     30%   increased     revenue   4  

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COMPANIES  ARE  DIGITALLY  TRANSFORMING   Companies  that  are  be\er  at  digital  service  delivery  keep  and   exceed  customer  expecta9ons;  their  con9nued  success  is   predicated  on  making  this  transforma9on.     71%     Companies engaged in digital transformation ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   5  

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BENEFITS  OF  DIGITAL  TRANSFORMATION   A  vast  majority  of  respondents  believe  their  companies  see  value   in  becoming  digital  enterprises.  The  most  expected  benefits  are:     v   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   6  

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DIGITAL  TRANSFORMATION  INITIATIVES   Although  most  respondents  (69%)  said  their  companies  were  in  the   process  of  implemen9ng  digital  services,  the  numbers  do  not  show  that   companies  are  set  up  for  success  in  this  transforma9on.  In  reality,   digital  transforma9on  ini9a9ves  are:   15%     Not  yet  started   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   36%     On  schedule   32%     Behind  schedule,     but  not  significantly   7  

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CLEAR  BENEFITS,  BUT  NOT  ON  TRACK   Although  the  majority  of  respondents   indicated  that  their  company  is  in  the   process  of  becoming  a  digital   enterprise,  an  alarming  number  of   respondents  noted  that  they  are   somewhat  or  significantly  behind   schedule  (35%).   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   8  

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ROADBLOCKS  AND  OBSTACLES   Many  IT  managers  men9oned  roadblocks  or  challenges  in   transforming  into  digital  enterprises,  including:   64%     not  enough  resources  to  maintain  current  systems  and   develop  or  incorporate  new  digital  services  at  the  same  Lme   48%     lack  of  a  comprehensive  plaVorm   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   9  

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A  CLEAR  PATH  TO  DIGITAL   The  reality  is  that  many  mid-­‐to-­‐large  size  companies  are  facing  a   cri9cal  turning  point:  They  need  to  find  new  ways  to  deliver   informa9on,  products  and  services  along  the  supply  chain,  or  they   risk  losing  everything.       In  making  this  shi3,  companies  conclude  that  if  they  completely  change  their  focus  to   adopt  or  build  new  digital  technologies  and  services,  they  leave  legacy  infrastructure   open  to  security  breaches,  systems  outages  and  gaps  in  customer  service.         The  survey  results  show  that  companies  are  making  the  shi3,  but  resourcing  and  the  lack   of  a  comprehensive  plaVorm  are  the  main  roadblocks  to  success.     ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   10  

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BMC’S  DIGITAL  ENTERPRISE  MANAGEMENT   Digital  Enterprise  Management  provides  a  structured  approach  to  digital  IT  strategy  that   focuses  on  four  key  disciplines,  each  designed  to  address  a  set  of  specific  demands  facing   customers  today:   Digital  Service  Management.  Helps  companies  rethink  tradiLonal  models  of  request  and  support  and  deliver  a  set  of   people-­‐centric  soluLons  that  will  redefine  their  relaLonship  between  the  providers  and  consumers  of  digital  services.   Digital  Enterprise  Automa9on.  This  plaVorm  represents  a  more  integrated,  strategic  and  absolutely  needed   approach,  enabling  companies  to  deliver  higher  levels  of  industrial  efficiency  and  precision.   Digital  Service  Assurance.  With  BMC’s  approach  to  assurance,  customers  can  take  a  more  proacLve  approach  to  the   integrity  and  performance  of  digital  services.   Digital  Infrastructure  Op9miza9on.  Customers  can  architect  and  build  systems  that  avoid  wasted  capacity  and   licensing  across  their  technology  porVolios.     For  more  on  Digital  Enterprise  Management,  please  visit   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   11  

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ABOUT  BMC   BMC  is  a  global  leader  in  soiware  solu9ons  that  help  IT  transform  tradi9onal   businesses  into  digital  enterprises  for  the  ul9mate  compe99ve  advantage.     Our  Digital  Enterprise  Management  set  of  IT  soluLons  is  designed  to  make  digital  business  fast,  seamless,   and  opLmized.  From  mainframe  to  mobile  to  cloud  and  beyond,  we  pair  high-­‐speed  digital  innovaLon   with  robust  IT  industrializaLon—allowing  our  customers  to  provide  intuiLve  user  experiences  with   opLmized  performance,  cost,  compliance,  and  producLvity.  BMC  soluLons  serve  more  than  15,000   customers  worldwide  including  82  percent  of  the  Fortune  500®.   BMC,  BMC  So3ware,  the  BMC  logo,  and  the  BMC  So3ware  logo  are  the  exclusive  properLes  of  BMC  So3ware  Inc.,  are  registered  or  pending  registraLon  with  the  U.S.  Patent  and  Trademark  Office,  and  may  be  registered  or  pending  registraLon  in  other  countries.   All  other  BMC  trademarks,  service  marks,  and  logos  may  be  registered  or  pending  registraLon  in  the  U.S.  or  in  other  countries.  All  other  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  are  the  property  of  their  respecLve  owners.  ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   ©  Copyright  2015  BMC  So3ware,  Inc.   12  

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