Human and Robot: Friends or Foe in the Digital Age?

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Credit: Pacificor

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Credit: Terasem Motion Infoculture

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A lot of people are just worried about losing their jobs Credit: da Vinci Surgical System

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A Brief History of Robots

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Threshing Machine 1758

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AUTOMATION Flour Mill 1787

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Assembly Line 1913

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Microsoft Excel 1985

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What happened to more leisure time?

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Progress is only getting faster

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High-Speed Internet Autonomous Cars Smartphones 1965 1973 1984 1990 2010 2015 "Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F038812-0014, Wolfsburg, VW Autowerk" by Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F038812-0014 / Schaack,

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Credit: Boston Dynamics CHEETAH

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A New Form of Fire Fighting Credit: Office of Naval Research Science and Technology

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Answering Questions In Natural Language "IBM Watson" by Clockready - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

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There is a cost

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Credit: Rolls Royce Holdings Credit: Daniel Ruppert

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What seems safe?

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S T E M Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

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Emotion Credit: ITV

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Trust Credit: Accenture

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This could end well for us…

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Augmenting Human Analysis Credit: Palantir Blog

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“Unmanned” Aerial Vehicles Credit: Department of Defense

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Actual Leisure Time

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Or not…

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Technology Takes Over Credit: Studiocanal Credit: Hyundai

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Massive Unemployment

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Nanobot Disasters

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Don’t Kick the Robot Dog

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Steve Garrity CTO, Hearsay Social Thank you!