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What You Need To Know

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Thanks to the folks from the OPS conference for inviting me to speak yesterday. We focused on how screens are changing digital advertising. Here are the background slides I shared to kick off the discussion. Our BI Intelligence analysts prepared these slides. (Thanks, team!)

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Screens are proliferating. The mobile market is booming but that is just the beginning.

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MOBILE: Almost 1 billion smartphones shipped in 2013.

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Tablets are cannibalizing PCs.

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~225 million tablets were shipped in 2013.

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~80% of smartphones run Android.

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~60% of tablets run Android.

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Mobile is enabling new forms of entertainment, communication, media, and commerce.

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Mobile is driving all of Facebook’s revenue growth,

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Mobile drives 13% of ecommerce sales

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Starbucks did $1B in mobile transactions last year in the U.S.

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Apple did $10B in revenue last year from apps.

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But, as we know …

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Habits and technology keep changing.

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What’s Next?

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Multiple devices and screens.

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Everything’s Connected!

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Tech execs think wearables are the next big thing.

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Analysts have wildly different views. We are mildly bullish.

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Connected cars will be a huge opportunity. $50B by 2018

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It’s huge because we spend so much ‘dead’ time in cars. Working 8.8 hours

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And in media, eyeballs are moving to digital, especially mobile.

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People use phones while watching TV.

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Digital now accounts for more than ? of total ad spend.

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