End-of-Year FinTech Thoughts and Predictions

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End-of-Year FinTech Thoughts Fintectonic 2015 Devie Mohan @devie_mohan

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As of January 2015.. Significance of 2015 trends Significant trends in 2015 Key players from 2014 Fintech Trends for 2015 Source: Yodlee Annual FinTech Influencer Survey 2014 by Devie Mohan Prediction 1: Bitcoin and Payments Innovation are not going to be the highlights of 2016

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As of December 2015.. Prediction 2: There will be a better spread of funding across all regions (esp Asia)

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There is definitely a banking investment race... Lending, Payments and Big Data have seen the largest investments from banks. Prediction 3: Gamification, RegTech and Tax Advisory will see big investments from banks

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And we saw races between countries (and cities).. • Emergence of fintech hubs by country (outside of London, USA) Prediction 4: Singapore, Tel Aviv and Switzerland will emerge as major fintech hubs

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And the banks wanted the biggest piece of all... • Every bank (almost) with an accelerator programme • Emergence of B2B fintech sectors Prediction 5: Tier 2 banks’ ecosystem creation, more banking investment in B2B fintech

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Does the industry agree? We’re going to give every customer their own IPI (Individual Programmable Interface). The customer will be in control of their money and data; they get to decide what to share and most importantly realise the value of their own money and data. - Chris Gledhill, CEO of Secco Bank Cybersecurity is an industry challenge and can only be properly addressed with an industry wide approach. - Patrick Maes, CTO of ANZ Bank I think the whole area of leveraging data to regain customer intimacy is huge, where fintech – especially artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms – can play a big role. - Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer, Barclays Group I think the key thing is in moving on from the sins of the past and focusing on the opportunities for the future, at least for those of us who weren’t around during the financial crisis. - Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank Perhaps banking can be seen as a platform where fintechs can be participants and deliver value-added services to customers? - Chuck Hounsell, Head of Payments, TD Bank Prediction 6: Banking as a Platform for fintechs!

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Thank You Devie Mohan @devie_mohan

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