The Real Threats

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The Real Threats  to Your Presentation Success cc: ** RCB ** -[email protected]

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Imagine you’re about to walk on stage. cc: miss mass -[email protected]

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Your heart is beating faster. cc: Christophe Verdier -[email protected]

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Your hands tremble. cc: lavishlylush -[email protected]

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Your focus turns inward. cc: rolfkallman -[email protected]

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Suddenly, your presentation becomes all about your performance. cc: Peter Ras -[email protected]

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You realize you're your own worst enemy cc: caterina.appia -[email protected]

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Right? cc: Jaako -[email protected]

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Wrong. cc: AndyCunningham -[email protected]

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It’s not about getting your butterflies to fly in formation cc: Lotus Carroll -[email protected]

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It's about writing a presentation that defeats the 3 main threats to fascinating your audience. cc: Stuart Herbert -[email protected]

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Sally Hogshead says in her book “How the World Sees You” there are 3 threats to capturing people’s attention. cc: Rob Shenk -[email protected]

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You've only got 9 seconds to fascinate your audience. cc: johnnybelmont -[email protected]

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How are you using those 9 precious seconds? cc: Leo Reynolds -[email protected]

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When your audience walks in they have things on their minds. cc: Attila con la camara -[email protected]

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Defeat distraction by understanding how YOU fascinate cc: JanneM -[email protected]

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Take the test: cc: ethanbeute -[email protected]

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#2 COMPETITION IS YOUR PRESENTATION FORGETTABLE? cc: theqspeaks -[email protected]

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There are lots of speakers in the world. The market is saturated. cc: Marco Gomes -[email protected]

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Is your speech memorable? cc: Luigi_Alesi -[email protected]

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Daring? Unique? Rebellious? Fun? cc: mhumphrey -[email protected]

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Ask yourself “Am I in a category of one?” cc: andrechinn -[email protected]

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#3 COMMODITIZATION ARE YOU EASILY REPLACED? cc: rafael-castillo -[email protected]

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If you are the same as everyone else... cc: Theen ... -[email protected]

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You can be replaced by someone cheaper. cc: Tax Credits -[email protected]

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Don't be generic cc: Alain Limoges -[email protected]

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Deliver a speech so different, so intriguing, and so valuable, that they want ONLY YOU! cc: Toastwife -[email protected]

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Now you know the threats. cc: Gwenael Piaser -[email protected]

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Here is what to do next: cc: Stuck in Customs -[email protected]

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#1 Know how you fascinate. cc: garryknight -[email protected]

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#2 Use your natural advantages in your presentations. cc: Jeff_Werner -[email protected]

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#3 Challenge yourself to express your viewpoint. cc: arno.hoyer -[email protected]

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