Алёна Ситникова

История создания стекла

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Бакмаа Абдрахимова

Гальперин Пётр Яковлевич

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28 Pitching Essentials

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10 Commandments of Public Speaking

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23 Tips From Comedians to Be Funnier in Your Next Presentation

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Slide Wars - The Force Sleeps

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Basic Chemistry on Your Slide

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How to Illustrate Your Presentations

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Fuck Normality - Be Bold & Aggressive!

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Top 10 Typography Tips for PowerPoint

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How to Memorize Your Presentation the Right Way

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How to Design Awesome Visual Marketing Content for Your Content Marketing

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The Science of Memorable Presentations

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10 Insights to Win The Story Wars

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Step up your slides in Berlin

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3 Steps to Constructing a Narrative

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How to Ace Your Pitch

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Engage Your Audience with the Best Storytelling Techniques

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The Secret to Getting Paid to Speak

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7 Steps To Complete Your Narrative Presentation

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Recipe for a Killer Presentation

Views: 873

The "Why Should You Talk" Talk

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Epic Presentation Quotes to Fire You Up!

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The Real Threats

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13 Alternatives to Using Bullet Points in Presentations

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How to Make Your Slides More Memorable

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Pitching With Passion, Make Your Startup Stand Out

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