Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter Volodina Ksenia Kutukova Lada 9b form School № 80 2012

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Aim To find out what contribution Jimmy Carter made ??to the development of America

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Contens Biography Career Presidential facts Family Major Events during his presidency

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Biography Born on October 1, 1924 Plains, Georgia

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His Parents James Earl Carter was a farmer and businessman Bessie Lillian Gordy was a registered nurse

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Education The Georgia Institute of Technology The Southwestern Georgia College The United States Naval Academy

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Career Soldier, Peanut Farmer, Professor, Politician, Statesman 39th president

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Presidential facts Political Party – Democrat Age at Inauguration – 52 years old Received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize

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Family Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith Carter in 1946 Jimmy Carter and his wife had 4 children Their names are John William (Jack), James Earl III (Chip), Donnel Jeffrey (Jeff), Amy Lynn

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Major Events during his presidency 1977 - Panama Canal Treaty

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