Our next topic of learning of physiological culture and technology of continuous health renovation is: How to compensate health losses emerged because of WC-pan use.

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Our next topic of learning of physiological culture and technology of continuous health renovation is: How to compensate health losses emerged because of WC-pan use.

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Deprives him/her a possibility to use a program algorithm of this everyday (preferably) act of life. It is more important that it deprives you of the INTERACTION RHYTHM of external muscles (squatting to remove wastes) and internal muscles of large intestine. WC-pan use by a urbanized person

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After all, non-coordinated work of muscles leads to destructive changes of both excretion process (since muscles’ system of large intestine, which has no help of external muscles, has to take the biggest part of excretion job) and other functions of large intestine. The main function of large intestine is NOT ONLY excretion of wastes. According to sensphysiological data of large intestine based on its innervation, histological, vibratory and energy models the main function of large intestine in the organism is adjustment of water balance, adjustment of information and energy flows and synergism of all human organs activity.

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For example: if you take a look at a well-known drawing of internal organs innervation (in the middle), you’ll see that it’s the large intestine (like the marrow!!!) unites 2 main innervation branches, which ensure synergism of work of all organs and systems. Unification of organs through marrow Unification of organs through large intestine

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The scheme shows how one innervation branch goes to large intestine from the top of the marrow. This is a vagus nerve, which not only innervates all internal organs, but also ensures automation of their operational interaction. The second branch goes to the large intestine from the bottom of the marrow. This is a pelvic nerve, which innervates such excretion systems of the organism like kidneys, bladder and large intestine itself. But (and I want you to know this), the pelvic nerve (and large intestine, correspondingly) manages the whole reproduction system (this is clearly seen from the drawing), i.e. it manages functions of prostate and uterus. This is a very important knowledge for homo sensus!!! You need to forget about sitting on the pelvic nerve! (do not recline in arm-chairs, cars and on chairs)

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That’s why hyper-stimulation of the large intestine both during transferring the whole weight on the pelvic nerve and during excretion process (the topic of our sensphysiological research leads its functions to a state of protective inhibition and thus, to a specific TIREDNESS OF THE WHOLE ORGANISM. Sensphysiology proclaims: The cause of such “disease” of the modern world as “a syndrome of chronic tiredness" – is written on a WC-pan! A SYNDROME OF CHRONIC TIREDNESS

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The next aspect in learning the harm, which sitting on a WC-pan does for the organism of a person lies in abnormal functioning of shoulder girdle muscles, since vibratory meridians of large intestine, bladder, small intestine, marrow, etc are located there. They are “interconnected” through cooperation of their vibrations with the innervation system and with excretion process itself. Vibratory meridian of small intestine Vibratory meridian of large intestine Vibratory meridian of bladder

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The organism has to adapt to such extreme situation (here – protective inhibition of all its functions through sitting on a WC-pan), PROTECTING THE LIFE OF HOMO SENSUS. But during this adaptation, you make the organism to go away from the program of protecting itself as an ideally protected system. That’s why, in order to protect you for the planet, it creates A new complex of human’s life protection, Which will develop in a form of any kind of “disease”! ...and it is not only a “syndrome of chronic tiredness” A SLOGAN OF CONTEMPORARIES LIFE: «LET’S KILL OURSELVES BY SITTING ON A WC-PAN!»

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How can you eliminate decompensation in the function of large intestine and other excretion systems? How can you restore continuous health of your organism damaged by the sitting on a WC-pan? RE-EVOLUTION OF A PERSON Attention! In order to achieve this result, sensphysiology offers a system of skills of physiological culture, Which are based on knowledge of human’s physiology (according to Pavlov and Ukhtomskiy), on knowledge of the laws of cyberology or is taken from messages of ancient cultures and civilizations as rituals, rites and even letters...

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For example, this hieroglyph of ancient Egypt. It is called IZIDA and it means: “The one that protects life”! Do you know this posture that protects life? Based on this knowledge a homo sensus (after sitting on a WC-pan, as during this modern transition from a civilization of homo sapiens to a civilization of homo sensus, the latter is a fact of your everyday life) fulfills a simultaneous renovation of all the functions of the organism. To do this, you need to sit on your hunkers (as shown by the hieroglyph), cross your arms, putting your hands in a lock. Watch if the finger tips are tightly pressed, then touch your chin and then the surface of the planet by this lock. Then, in order to fulfill the law of the axis, change the crossing of your arms to the opposite and then touch your chin and the planet’s surface again.

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The pelvic nerve (shown on this figure) does not manage functions of large intestine only. Similarly, large intestine does not manage functions of uterus, prostate, other organs and water balance of your organism only... it manages also skin – the environmental suit of human’s protection!!! At the same time, raise and lower your sacrum, as there is your pelvic nerve. By this motion you will influence corresponding physiological systems of the organism, in other words you’ll remind them of their synergic function. This action (this is just one type of number two training of sensphysiology) will help you to unblock the interaction of not only vagus and pelvic nerves, but also interaction of arms and legs! But I stress, you need to watch how tightly the finger tips are pressed to your hand!

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Your next action for general renovation of the organism is to move crossed arms behind your back and touch the lower point of your shoulder-blade by your thumbs (if you can do this, and then touch the upper point)... Those, who cannot touch the lower point, do not be frustrated. This is not a gymnastics, this is just a sort of SENSPHYSIOLOGICAL GAME! The picture on the left shows the hieroglyph ZED (Foundation of life), Which reflects the importance of floating ribs zone to ensure verticality of a person. This is the zone that restores its function during this “post WC-pan” sensphysiological game! The picture on the right is a depiction of the spine, where interaction of its parts is shown (based on the law of axis). You know this law very well: If you feel pain somewhere, the problem originates in the opposite (on the axis) part of the spine. This “post WC-pan” game allows to restore the harmony of your spine’s parts. Having done this, twist your thumb and then, moving all your fingers, roll your body forward in hip joints (several millimeters is enough!) Or push your spine with your hands forward (several millimeters is enough!) ZED

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Thus, due to Izida and Zed hieroglyphs (in other words, due to the messages of ancient Egyptians) the following systems will be unblocked: external muscles systems of the organism, a complex of vibratory meridians, crura of diaphragm, stomach... (this is besides unblocked functions of pelvic and vagus nerves) A very important final addition to this renovation skill of physiological culture will be an active rubbing of palms (one against the other) and between fingers. Taking information that energy meridian of large intestine ensures functioning of cerebral cortex (from Chinese medicine)... Rub your ears. An ear of a person is his/her brain outside. An ear and a brain are twin-brothers. The Law of Analogy You can rub and massage your ears, while sitting on a WC-pan. This improves peristalsis.

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Technology of this process: A HOMO SENSUS PERCEIVES HIS/HER ORGANISM AS A SUPERCOMPUTER. It is noteworthy, that this type of number two Training (a procedure to restore continuous health, damaged by sitting on a WC-pan) initiates one more important process. If your organism is a supercomputer, then all systems laws of cyber complexes are actual for it as well. One law of cybernetics states: “Any member of a system that has the most diversified function, automatically becomes a manager and a generator of the whole system”.

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As for the organism as a mobile and vertical system of movement, there is only a shoulder joint that has the biggest (7 degrees of freedom) range of movement. That’s why it is the shoulder joint that is the management system of such a cyber machine as your organism. Sensphysiology of human’s vital activity proves: A degree of freedom of a shoulder joint, i.e. FREEDOM OF ACTIONS OF ARMS IN SPACE is the most important factor that distinguishes a homo sapiens from an animal and a healthy person from an ill person. There is a little left to become a human again.

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THUS WE APPROACH A LOGICAL CONCLUSION: the offered “Anti-WC-pan procedure” (reciprocal movement of a shoulder joint by muscle systems of a shoulder girdle, combine with movements of crossed hands and fingers as systems of correspondence to the organism (see Su-jock medicine) initiates elimination of blockages that limited degrees of freedom of a shoulder joint. Thus, main vibratory processes in meridians will be restored as well as freedom of a shoulder joint as a “boss” of the body of your realization. That is, the main result of anti-WC-pan procedure is restoration of freedom of your movement around the planet! Rubbing your palms and between fingers at the end of this procedure, you will restore the afferent connection of sensitive zones of your hand with the whole organism (Learning the world) through the shoulder joint. Figures of degrees of freedom

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Answer a simple question: is it difficult, keeping in mind your responsibility for jeering at your organism by sitting on a WC-pan, to do such procedure (at least sometimes – this will be enough) of sensphysiology as number two training? No! Even when you’re sitting on a WC-pan, at the end of number one and/or number two acts, incline your head as much as you can to a side and gently move the OPPOSITE! (to the side of inclination) shoulder blade (for man) or gently move your tailbone (for women). To ensure left-right harmony, repeat this procedure to the other side. It is important to watch that your head ”doesn’t escape” from maximum inclination, and your body doesn’t bend in the spine! It is important not to disturb the peace of interaction of internal organs during this important act! Because number one and number two acts are very important moments for you, as this is the moment of decapsulation of a closed system called Organism! ?!

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ONE MORE IMPORTANT FACTOR which homo sensus needs to take into account: The act of excretion is also a cybernetics process! But during this cyber process large intestine takes a managerial function (during number one it is your bladder) (they attract full ATTENTION of organs and systems) If you move fingers and toes during these processes or move your arms or legs (listen to your feelings, this is not a gymnastics) then complete renovation of health took place! BUT I STRESS, DO NEVER TOUCH YOUR BODY DURING THIS!!! People (your organs and systems) are all working for one manager, i.e. your large intestine (or bladder)! Do not interfere with them!!!! When your organs and systems “return” after this important work, they will immediately pay their attention to the fact that all external parts of your body: Fingers, arms, legs and even head (as you deliberately do the number two training) - that THEY ALL WORK FOR! Are already in motion! They will “just pounce on” their main function, i.e. they will ensure IDEAL EFFICACY of these external parts!

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Share your success and that of your organism. You’re already healthy! But you’d better stop putting WC-pans at home, which do not allow you to squat. An important question of sensphysiology: Who invented this “sedentary” WC-pan to destroy physiological processes of millions of people?! Is there a “problem” to install WC-pans like that in the picture in newly-erected buildings?!” Or is it a problem to put a support for legs so that people could squat if they have to use existing WC-pans?! There is only one answer: THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE THERE IS NO UNDERSTANDING OF PHYSIOLOGICAL DAMAGE OF SUCH INVENTION.

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The method of physiological culture to restore freedom of shoulder joint and freedom of a person, aimed at elimination of health losses due to sitting on a WC-pan OFFERED TO YOU EARLIER, is only one of the variants of renovation from the assortment of physiological culture. But, obviously, the problem of sitting on a WC-pan of a urbanized person, is a “pre-programmed” factor of homo sapiens’s development during a transition stage of homo sapiens’s civilization to homo sensus’s civilization. Look, how pharaohs (all statues and frescos of that period bear information conveyed to us through ages to prevent us from making mistakes in development) show what homo sensus needs to do TO PRESERVE IMMORTALITY OF THE ORGANISM.

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You can use the methods of pharaohs to restore health losses due to sitting on a WC-pan. When you’re sitting on a WC-pan, put your palms on your knees as shown by statues, stretching your fingers as much as possible and move them: women move little finger, men move a thumb. Do not forget to “look at Ra” – the god of Sun of ancient Egyptians. You’ll feel the effect by a specific straightening of your bory and feeling of fresh air during breathing. DO NOT FORGET TO "LOOK AT RA" - THE GOD OF SUN You can use this method for renovation of your organism after sitting on chairs. By the way, homo sensus who uses the knowledge of vibraotry meridians and corresponding systems fully understands the methods of physiological culture of pharaohs!

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Is there still anybody, who doesn’t believe in pharaohs’ messages and who thinks that they are a product of my imagination? Then try to decipher information about mankind sent by people to space (a sort of a space bottle with a letter). If you solve this rebus without additional explanation of their meaning … you’ll do well with all the «rebuses» of pharaohs. So, be so, be attentive to sensphysiological messages from the past: To clear messages of pharaohs, to messages of religious rituals, to important sensphysiological messages of folk dances and clothes, etc.

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The importance of a shoulder joint to ensure your vertical mobility was highlighted by statues, frescos and hieroglyphs of ancient Egyptians. Try, for example, to take a “posture of pharaohs” depicted on frescos watching a constant strain of a shoulder joint and paying special attention if halluxes of both feet are on the same line. Also, see if the nails of thumbs are directed towards the center of the planet. And in spite of a seemingly stable position of your body (both feet are in a position of a walking man), it will be difficult to keep the balance (we are not even talking about keeping the balance while turning your head, like they do)... Then you’ll quickly understand that this is a message from pharaohs about a feeling of ideal verticality and also that of rationality and health simultaneously!

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For women pharaohs recommend an additional position of hands. The hands that are doing hair. I give you just an example of offered information here. This is a picture, where parts in a box are represented like a spiral system, the box on the head, which “has no weight” and a duck, and a style of a dress and a pattern on the dress, which only seems to be random … All these objects illustrate processes of continuous health renovation for women, for example: renovation of a spring role of feet, manifestation of 4-element sensphysiology of women’s organism (hair, head, brests, abdomen) and its difference from men’s sensphysiology. It shows emergence (due to hands position and activity of fingers while “doing hair”) of motion capability of a tailbone part of her organism (here – a duck), which is very important for carrying of a pregnancy …etc

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ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ACCENTUATED! I repeat! We talk about “ability” to manage mobility of fingers, mobility of a tailbone zone, and motional sensitivity of legs and CONSTANT feeling of soles ... Mermaids are real! An image of a Mermaid is a reality of physiology and sensphysiology of a true woman! As we discussed, we talk about little amount of air in lungs, about ability to manage mobility («a tail») like a Mermaid of a tailbone zone...

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And Nefertiti with her neck is also a message. Because activity of pelvic joints depends on FLEXIBILITY of woman’s neck! You know the Law of axis, according to which connection of neck with spine (7th neck-bone) and pubic connection (its mobility during childbirth is very important) are two opposites of an axis! By the way, development of specific (necessary for women’s organisms) activity of the 7th neck-bone doesn’t happen due to installation of rings on the neck (they do it somewhere in Africa, increasing the number of rings). It happens by Feeling the weight of hair as a living organism! The feeling, which is inaccessible for modern “cut short” women. Some of them, “cut short” from childhood, do not know it at all. “Doing hair” also helps to unblock the 7th neck-bone and, consequently, to unblock pelvic joints if it’s done with woman’s hands Feeling each hair by finger tips... to be precise – by nail tips. (I emphasize this statement again and again!) This is how ALL hormone processes and ideal body build of a woman are reproduced.

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It is well-known how modern “cut short” women adjust their hair. They are “cut short” to have “fewer problems”. I’m not insulted, I just warn about a danger: Based on research data of sensphysiology of hair – the idea of circumcision of men and the idea of cirmucision of women (hair is women’s prepuce!) are similar, but motivation is different. This is well known from many cultures and civilizations. in order to warn you about a danger, I’d like to emphasize the following! “Cut short” women “adjust their hair” by shaking their head (and this is 4 - 4.5 kg!!!), thus ensuring continuous brain concussion! This is a signal of breaking for neck-bones! And they react correspondingly – by the spasm of neck’s muscles and joints, which causes a similar spasm in its opposition, i.e. pelvic joints!

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Feeling the weight of hair is feeling its opposite – legs! (The law of axis) These messages of ancient Egyptians show much more. You’ll decipher them later. Nefertiti is not just a sculpture of the woman, but a conveyed image of information that clearly SHOWS women’s responsibility for her neck and dependence of her beauty on hair weight feeling by the 7th neck-bone.

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THAT’S WHY DURING A DAILY HAIR DOING (and it is also essential during sitting on a WC-pan or a chair/arm-chair) You need (I’m talking with women now) “to do” the Mermaid’s movement, i.e. a movement with legs pressed together - “Mermaid’s tail”. By the way, many women do THIS instinctively, or move their tailbone (according to duck’s model), or sit, putting legs aside, and sometimes raise their heels (adjust the Mermaid’s tail!). But I want you to remember about the law of axis and about mental gymnastics of sensphysiology, i.e. you need to change the position of your legs to the opposite from time to time. But preferably and even necessary to adjust hair with finger tips (but not by means of head shaking) I always offer a “mental gymnastics for women” to my female patients. After the “Mermaid’s” movement by feet and tailbone, put legs in the other side and repeat the “Mermaid’s” movement. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the effect! You’ll feel that now it is more convenient to sit, and this is always a good surprise to feel a gentle, “floating”, truly FEMALE step.

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If you take a close look at the graph of woman’s fingers and hand movement during “hair doing”, and compare it with the graph of large intestine’s energy and vibratory meridians action (it is large intestine’s function that suffers because of sitting on a WC-pan), plus if you consider a form graph of golden spiral creation (Fibonacci’s spriral, see drawing) – the Universe is built based on proportions and principles of this Law of mathematics, Parthenon was built based on these principles, even a brick – simple and ideal in its proportions – you’ll draw a conclusion, like sensphysiology has drawn: everything lies in the movement of woman’s hand when she adjusts her hair. Even the Universe, not to mention the organism, responds at this moment (to this movement)! Men can also do this movement, but they need to strain their shoulder girdle. Vibratory meridian of large intestine Energy meridian of large intestine The Golden spiral of the Universe, reproduced by woman’s hand movement Professor Alexandr Kharchenko Lutsk, telephone: 80508760217 E-mail: [email protected]