Английский языкВремена года3 класс

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Английский язык Времена года 3 класс Выполнила: Шилина В.В.

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There are four seasons in Britain: Summer, autumn, winter, spring

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Winter When it is? In December,January, February…

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Autumn When it is? In …

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Summer When it is?

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Spring When it is?

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Match the columns There are … a)… in spring. It,s usually hot… b)… in summer. It,s very cold… с)… in summer. It,s warm… в) in autumn. It,s sometimes wet… е)… in spring. It,s dry… f)… in winter. It,s usually cool… g)… four seasons in a year.

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rainy, cold, cool, hot, warm, stormy, foggy, windy, frosty, sunny, snowy, cloudy What is the weather like in Britain?

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Tell about the weather in Russia

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What do you do in … ?

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Interview your classmates Name: Favourite season: Why? What do you do in :