If I visited London, I would firstly go to…

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If I visited London, I would firstly go to…

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Natural History Museum  is a museum of natural history that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history.  The museum is also a center for scientific research specializing in conservation and has many collections of historical value, including specimens collected by Charles Darwin.

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The museum is divided up into different colored zones which make it very easy to find your way around and get to the areas of interest you want to see. These areas are: Orange zone - Darwin Centre and cocoon Blue Zone - Dinosaurs and mammals including human Biology Green Zone - Primates, Birds, Ecology, Minerals and Insects Red Zone - Earth Hall and everything to do with our planet

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London Guildhall Guildhall has been at the hub of City life since the Middle Ages - an era when the Lord Mayor of London rivaled the monarch for influence and prestige. Here the ruling merchant class held court, fine-tuning the laws and regulations that established London's wealth. Built between 1411 and 1440, Guildhall was designed to reflect the power and prestige of London and its leaders.

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