4 Wheel Drive(JTEKT)

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Specification ITCC Rear Differential * ITCC: Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling

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Transfer case

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Comparison * ITCC: Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling **MPS: Motor Position Sensor

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Power flow Engine ?Throttle Position ECM Sensor ?4 Wheel speed ?Brake signal

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EMC operation Electro-magnetic Coil Shaft Main Clutch Rear H/G Front H/G ECU Zero current Main Clutch Shaft (Rear Wheels) Pilot Clutch Armature Electro magnetic Coil Main Cam Pilot Cam Current flows Output Torque Magnetic Flux Input Pilot Cam Main Cam ECU

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Inputs & Outputs 4WD Control Module (ITCC CM) Battery & Ignition Power Wheel Speed Sensor Signal, TPS (APS), Engine speed, Engine torque, ABS/ESC Active signal, Brake Signal 4WD Lock Switch EMC (Electromagnetic Clutch) Inputs Outputs Cluster ESC ECM 4WD Lock mode lamp 4WD Warning Lamp Diagnosis

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4WD Lock Mode [4WD Lock Switch] [4WD Lock Switch Lamp] [4WD failure Lamp]

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[ITCC] [Control Module] – located in driver side (LH) dash panel Components [Wheel speed sensor]

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DTC list

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