Hyde Park

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Hyde Park The work performed Bohdalova Olga and Anna Babich

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Hyde Park is one of the most famous in London. it is located in the heart of the city, between the street and the Park lane and the serpentine lake. in 1536, Henry seized these lands for the needs of the crown , and in 1637 during the reign of Charles 1 the Park was open to the public. the speakers corner was established in 1872 with the permission of the Prime Minister-the Minister of great Britain. it was created so that people could come and relax.

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Serpentine Lake is the main attraction of the park because it separates the Hyde Park from Kensington Gardens. in the park a lot arhetekturnyh creations such as the monument to the "Animals in War" statue of Artemis ahellesa fountains and arch villinktona

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