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double-decker noun also double-decker bus a bus with two levels, the typical British bus. Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture 1) двухпалубное судно; 2) двухэтажный трамвай, автобус, троллейбус

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A double-decker bus is a bus that has two levels. While double-decker long-distance coaches are in widespread use around the world, double-decker city buses are less common. Double-decker buses are popular in some European cities and in some parts of Asia, usually in former British colonies. Many towns around the world have a few that specialize in short sightseeing tours for tourists.

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Routemaster A double-decker bus like this one, a familiar symbol of London, was featured in the London promotional segment of the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

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United Kingdom Many old double-deckers see regular passenger use, such as this Volvo Ailsa which remained in service in Cardiff until December 2007.

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The best way to see London is by bus. Take a special open-top tourist bus when the weather is good. Do not miss Hyde Park-go for a walk or sit on the grass and look at the squirrels. Take some food with you too - squirrels love peanuts!

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The Queen on a double-decker bus

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A Brief History of Red London Buses Double-decker bus in 1896

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William Gladstone Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ”The way to see London is from the top of a bus”

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