U.S. Startup Investment Trends (500 Startups)

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500 Startups & US Investment Trends 2015 Edith Yeung (@edithyeung)  

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Edith Yeung is a Partner at 500 Startups’ Mobile Collective, focusing on investing in mobile apps and consumer internet startups. Before 500, Edith was the VP of marketing & business development for Dolphin Browser. Dolphin Browser is a Sequoia-backed mobile browser with over 150 million installs worldwide. She also founded RightVentures seed stage investment firm focusing on mobile and consumer internet companies. Prior, she led many operation roles at Oracle, Siebel, AT&T, Symantec, Telstra, Cisco, Autodesk, etc.

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500 Startups by the number •  •  •  •  •  •  $190M under management with $130M deployed 1200 companies across all funds >300 companies started outside the US >300 companies with women co-founders Team of 75 people, 15 countries, 20+ languages Companies have raised $3B+ in additional capital

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US Investment Trends 2015

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1. Age of the Unicorns Unicorn are private companies valued at over $1B. Generally refers to companies in highgrowth sectors of tech, life sciences and energy.

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84 unicorns are mostly paper unicorns Top  10  Unicorns   1.  Uber     2.  Airbnb     3.  Twi4er     4.  Whatsapp     5.  Snapchat     6.  Workday     7.  Palo  Alto  Network     8.  Pinterest     9.  Dropbox     10. Fitbit   Source:  Aileen  Lee  Techcrunch  arLcle  July  2015     h4p://techcrunch.com/2015/07/18/welcome-­‐to-­‐the-­‐unicorn-­‐club-­‐2015-­‐learning-­‐from-­‐billion-­‐dollar-­‐companies/  

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Highly-Concentrated Portfolio Modestly-Concentrated Portfolio Highly-Diversified Portfolio Source:  Dave  McClure   h4ps://medium.com/500-­‐hats/99-­‐vc-­‐problems-­‐but-­‐a-­‐batch-­‐ain-­‐t-­‐one-­‐why-­‐porVolio-­‐size-­‐ma4ers-­‐for-­‐returns-­‐16cf556d4af0  

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#500STABLE 3 Unicorns >$1B in Value ! 25+ Centaurs >$100M in Value ! 250 - 300 Ponies ! >$10M in Value

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2. IPO no more? Instead of IPO: - Companies raised $40M - $1billion private rounds - Traditional public market investors and buyout funds moved into private markets - Many early stage investors returns are now private Source:  Andreessen  Horowitz  June  2015     h4p://www.slideshare.net/a16z/state-­‐of-­‐49390473  

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Box raised $150M Series G at $2.4B valuation vs IPO at $14 per share at $1.67 B Source:  CBInsights   h4ps://www.cbinsights.com/blog/dropbox-­‐valuaLon-­‐bubble/  

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3. Unbundling Banking – Bank is under attack Source:  Tom  Loverro     h4p://tomloverro.com/post/102797126721/banking-­‐is-­‐under-­‐a4ack-­‐heres-­‐a-­‐screenshot-­‐of  

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3. 500 Startups’ Simple acquired by Spain’s BBVA for $117M Source:  Tom  Loverro     h4p://tomloverro.com/post/102797126721/banking-­‐is-­‐under-­‐a4ack-­‐heres-­‐a-­‐screenshot-­‐of  

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4. Lean Startups - Never been cheaper to create software Much less capital required to build product and get to market •  Backend: AWS, Google, Paypal, Facebook •  Online marketing platforms: •  Search (Google, Baidu) •  Social network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) •  Mobile (Apple, Android) •  eCommerce (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) •  Media (YouTube, Instagram) •  Messaging (Facebook Messenger, Wechat, SMS) •  3 – 90 days development cycle

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5. Immigrant entrepreneurs are driving America 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants (90 companies) or by their children (an additional 114 companies), according to a report by the Partnership for a New American Economy.

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6. Top Tech Hubs Around the World Top 10 Tech Hubs according to me ☺ 1.  Silicon Valley 2.  San Francisco 3.  Beijing 4.  Tel Aviv 5.  Shenzhen 6.  New York 7.  Los Angeles 8.  Singapore 9.  Berlin 10.  Ho Chi Min

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7. Virtual Reality is the Future

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8. Internet of Everything The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Source:  Chris  McCann   h4ps://medium.com/@mccannatron/esports-­‐market-­‐ecosystem-­‐map-­‐c6ae5bc6a7d0  

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9. eSport eSports is big, bigger than you imagine. 27M people watched the final League of Legends event vs. 19.9M viewers watched the full 6 game series of the 2015 NBA finals Source:  Chris  McCann   h4ps://medium.com/@mccannatron/internet-­‐of-­‐things-­‐iot-­‐market-­‐ecosystem-­‐map-­‐28a73d1393f  

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10. Corporate VCs on the Rise Google - 45 investments Qualcomm – 33 investments Baidu – 14 investments (Uber) Alibaba – 17 investments (Lyft) Tencent – 24 investments •  Kik •  Lyft •  Cyanogen •  Pocket Gems Source:  Crunchbase   h4ps://www.crunchbase.com/organizaLon/tencent  

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#500VCs How to build investment thesis Connection with Silicon Valley investors and mentors How to generate deal flow Trends and relevant area of investments Meet REAL startup founders and conduct selection Legal docs: cap table and standard terms Feb 8th - Feb 19, 2016 / Apply at http://500.vc

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