Why Juno Therapeutics Jumped 12% In September

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Why Juno Therapeutics Jumped 12% In September

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What: This clinical-stage biotech company is researching T-cell cancer therapies. JCAR 015 for lymphoma & leukemia. Various others in early stage trials for leukemia & lymphoma. Shares jumped 12.1% in September. Presented at Morgan Stanley’s Global Healthcare Conference on September 16.

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Juno Therapeutics

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So What: Reengineering immune system’s T-cells. Using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) approach to allow T-cells to bind to and kill cancer cells. Potential FDA filing in late 2016/early 2017. 10 drug candidates in human trials by 1H2016. Collaborating with Celgene.

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So what continued…

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So what continued… JCAR 015: 87% complete response/remission rate in relapsing/recurring adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia. JCAR 017: 91% complete response/remission rate in relapsing/recurring pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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Now what: JCAR 015: Phase 2 pivotal trial ongoing. Began in Q3 2015. Scheduled to complete in 2017.

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Now what continued: Needs to confirm prior findings. Watch safety data. Focus on rates of cytokine response syndrome. 23% rate in prior studies. Remember, this is a clinical stage company without revenue and without products on the market. Suitable only for the most risk tolerant of investors.

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