My Hometown- San Francisco

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My Hometown- San Francisco

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Vocabulary List Hometown coast Bridge Peninsula Bay Earthquake Population Area neighborhood To found Weather Climate Fog Landmark, Tourist site To describe To produce To grow

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Additional Vocabulary Hill wind Pickpocketing Panhandling Fort Tower Wharf Fisherman Crime Homelessness Expensive Rent (noun) Club (e.g. Russian club, Chess club)

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Where is San Francisco? San Francisco is located in the state of California on the West Coast of the United States. California is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It has the largest population of any state in the US. San Francisco is the fourth largest city in California. The population is about 800,000.

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San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco is the major city in the region called the San Francisco Bay Area. It is located on the northern edge of the San Francisco Peninsula. The eastern side of the city is bordered by the San Francisco Bay and the western side is bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

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Comprehension Questions In which US state is San Francisco located? What is the name of the ocean next to California? What is the name of the bay located to the east of San Francisco? San Francisco is located on the edge of which peninsula?

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History of San Francisco San Francisco was founded in 1776 by colonists from Spain who built a fort and a mission there. San Francisco means Saint Francis in Spanish. Saint Francis Mission Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906

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San Francisco’s Climate and Geography Fog Russian Hill Nob Hill Wind Lombard Street Potrero Hill

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Two Famous Bridges in San Francisco The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge

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Famous tourist sites and landmarks in San Francisco Cable Car Alcatraz- a former prison Golden Gate Park Fisherman’s Wharf Ocean Beach Coit Tower

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Museums and Theaters De Young Museum Opera House Romeo and Juliet Asian Art Museum Legion of Honor Museum

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Neighborhoods in San Francisco Haight Ashbury Chinatown North Beach Sunset Cafe Greco North Beach

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Crime and Homelessness San Francisco has the highest number of homeless people of any major US city. San Francisco has a lower violent crime rate than other US cities, but a much higher rate of theft.

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San Francisco has many Russian immigrants Russian Club UC Berkeley Globus Bookstore Russian Cultural Center Gastronom Deli Holy Virgin Cathedral

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Ghirardelli Square- Local Chocolate Factory

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Discussion Questions Name some tourist sites or landmarks in San Francisco. What adjectives would you use to describe San Francisco? How would you describe the weather in San Francisco? Would you like to visit San Francisco? Why? Are there other cities you would like to visit? What is the population of San Francisco? What is the population of your hometown?

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Additional Discussion Questions What is the population of your country? Where is your hometown? Describe the history of your hometown. When was it founded? Who were the first people to live there? What is your hometown famous for? Does anyone famous come from your hometown?

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Additional Discussion Questions What does your hometown produce? What does it grow? Describe the weather in your hometown? What is your favorite season in your hometown? What is your favorite thing about your hometown? What is your least favorite thing about your hometown?

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Additional Discussion Questions If you could live anywhere, where would you like to live? Are there colleges, universities or academies in or near your hometown? Name them and describe them. What cities or villages are your parents from? Where are these cities located (region)? What interesting cities are located in your region?