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Australia officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area.

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The flag of Australia is a defaced Blue Ensign: a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton and a large white seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star in the lower hoist quarter. The fly contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation, made up of five white stars – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars. There are other official flags representing Australia, its people and core functions of government.

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On the Australian coat of arms from the beginning are present kangaroo and the EMU symbolising the local fauna

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Opera house in Sydney - the main attraction of Australia. The height of the building is 67 meters. The length of the building is 185 meters, and the distance at the widest point – 120 m Weight, according to the engineers, is 161 000 tonnes and an area of 2.2 hectares. On the roof slope of about 1 million tiles. In addition to the two largest halls, there are more than 900 premises. At the same time in the theater can accommodate about 10,000 spectators. In the year of the Opera house in Sydney is visited by 4 million people.

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New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific ocean, in Polynesia, situated on two large Islands and a large number of adjacent smaller Islands. The population, according to Statistics New Zealand for June 2015, is 4 596 700 people. The country's capital — Wellington.

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The New Zealand flag is a modified ensign with the Union Jack in the upper left quarter and four red stars with white edging on the right side. Stars are different sizes and symbolize the constellation the southern cross. The Union Jack symbolizes the connection with great Britain.

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It is the tallest building in all areas of the southern hemisphere. The height of the Sky Tower in Auckland is 328 meters, to climb to the top of the can on unique high-speed Elevator. On the upper floors there are three observation decks and an amazing view just breathtaking. In addition, the Sky Tower has several restaurants, hotels and casinos.