Here’s Why Apple’s Next iPhone Could Be A Huge Deal for Intel

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Here’s Why Apple’s Next iPhone Could Be A Huge Deal for Intel

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When smartphones and tablets started taking off, Intel famously missed out.

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The chipmaker was outpaced by Qualcomm’s superior mobile processors, and has never fully caught up.

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In 2014, Intel lost more than $4 billion from its mobile division. Source: Intel.

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But Intel’s mobile prospects may be about to change. The company is reportedly working to bring its LTE XMM 7360 chip to the next iPhone.

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According to VentureBeat, Intel has about 1,000 employees working on getting Apple’s business. Source: VentureBeat.

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That would be a huge deal for Intel, considering Apple relies exclusively on Qualcomm for its LTE modems right now.

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It’s likely Intel wouldn’t win an exclusive contract to supply the iPhone modems, but even supplying some of them would be a major accomplishment.

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But Intel’s also competing to become a fabricator of Apple’s next system on a chip (or, SoC).

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This means that Apple would design the SoC, but then hire Intel to build it at one of its fabrication plants.

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It’s still not clear whether or not Intel will get its LTE modem into the next iPhone.

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But if it does, Intel could boost its mobile revenue by $1.25 billion, or higher if it wins Apple’s SoC fabrication business. Source: Barron’s.

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Either way, gaining any of Apple’s business would make Intel a serious competitor in the mobile space for the first time.

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