Drive Potential Customers With Effective Mobile Marketing

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Drive Potential Customers With Effective Mobile Marketing

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Carrying tablets (with ability to connect with Wi-Fi networks) and Smartphones (with unlimited data plans), the new era of buyers continue to experience as well as facilitate a major shift in the shopping habits.

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They now shop at any time, from any place in an a great deal with more convenient manner than they would do using desktops.

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In a nutshell, customer conduct has changed significantly and the credit for this is shared among brilliant gadgets and platforms like Mobile search engines, Social Media and Mobile Apps.

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However, the real force which taps their customer potential is called Mobile Marketing.

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 Mobile advertisers keenly tackle the power of mobile devices and advertising strategies for every useful mobile destination.  To keep the purchasers associated the entire day along Mobile Advertising helps the brand to be connected with their potential customers.

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Discover Mobile Marketing Influence Consumer Behaviour in point of interest.

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CONTENTS: What Do the Figures Speak? Process of Mobile Marketing Strategies How it All Works?

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What Do the Figures Speak?

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 Nearly 65% of the adults in USA now own Smartphone devices.  Ecommerce website claim to receive nearly 51% traffic from mobile devices.  More than 60% of the consumers’ digital time is spent on Mobile.

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 Mobile has effectively surpassed desktop in terms of internet search.  And then there are popular buzz words like ‘mobile-only’ and ‘mobile-first’ making the rounds.  These are only clear flags that purchasers keep on expanding their reliance on mobiles and Mobile Ads at different stages of the buying process.

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Process of Mobile Marketing Strategies

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The Mystery behind it are the Amazing Marketing Strategies Are:

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 In-App Marketing: Mobile applications, particularly the gaming applications, guarantee the most visible space to place and promote mobile ads.  Mobile Search Ads: The desktop search ads hold greater significance when refurbished into mobile search ads with additional features like click-to-call.

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 SMS: Nearly 65% of mobile users confess to make mobile purchase after receiving highly relevant ads via short message services.  Multimedia Rich Ads: Mobile pictures and features ads have quite recently begun making the buzz and have long way to go.

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 QR Codes: With a tendency to make high interest, QR codes and mobile tags don’t go unnoticed.  Location-based Ads: Reaching consumers when they are in or around a store is the trendiest way to influence their buying decisions.  Social Media Ads: Mobile social media sites and apps permit seamless integration of ads, enhancing their visibility to the consumers.

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How It All Works?

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 By Creating Awareness: Mobile users get acquainted with products and solutions accessible to address their issues by acquiring data utilizing mobile internet.  By Facilitating Research: They don't have to wait for getting in front of desktops to research about products, read reviews and analyse prices. Presently the exploration is readily available at fingertips.

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 With Correct Timing: Sending rebate offers and appealing deals to buyers' mobiles when they are on move; on the way to marketplaces; searching for stores in a particular area and so on.  With In-store Engaging: Once a shopper enters a store, QR codes, promotional offers, in-app ads and different mediums can be put to play to generate interests in minds of the customers.

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 Promoting Post-purchase Behaviour: Allowing customers to impart their experience and collecting feedback with others using social media apps.

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The consumer behaviour is extremely unpredictable and their buying decisions are no easy to influence. In such a scenario, mobile marketing continues to prove its competence over the traditional marketing channels.

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Future Of Mobile Marketing Stats That Grabs Customers Attention:

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