Seven Steps to an Effective Mobile App Strategy

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It’s Time to Assess Your Company’s Mobile App Strategy Mobile applications can drive real and positive change in today’s business sector. However, most companies are struggling to develop effective mobile app strategies Mobile Apps are Everywhere of organizations already have at least 6 mobile worker apps deployed However, App Strategies are Fragmented of businesses plan to keep adding new mobile apps WWW IT, LOB and end‐user interests can be at odds with each other 36% of companies view unauthorized mobile apps as a problem Seven Steps to a Successful Mobile Application Strategy It’s time to hit the pause button, assess your situation, and plan mobile app deployments in a proactive and organized fashion ASSEMBLE THE RIGHT TEAM IT STEP To truly understand your current state of mobilization – and strategize accordingly – you have to bring the right stakeholders to the table 2 END-USERS LOBs STABILIZE YOUR CURRENT MOBILE ENVIRONMENT STEP Perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing mobile ecosystem ? ? ? ? What mobile apps and devices are already being used? 3 $ $ $ $ How much is it costing to run these apps? What benefits are they providing? Are security mechanisms in place? IDENTIFY AND PRIORITIZE MOBILE VOIDS STEP Identify business processes that can be transformed using mobile technology 1 2 4 3 5 6 Calculate financial impact 4 STEP STEP Assemble initial app roadmap FIND THE DATA Identify where the info you need to power your apps is located BEHIND A FIREWALL 5 Prioritize areas for app development LEGACY BACK OFFICE SYSTEM IN THE CLOUD SCATTERED AMONG DISPARATE LOBs DEFINE KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIS) Quantitative metrics are critical to gauging the impact of individual mobile applications CHURN RATES CASH FLOW OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY EXPENSE REDUCTION STEP NEW CUSTOMER ACQUISITION CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 6 REVENUE GROWTH EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION MEAN TIME TO REPAIR BEGIN CREATING A COMPREHENSIVE MOBILE APP PORTFOLIO Determine if you should build or buy your solutions BUILD? ...OR... 7 STEP BUY? REMEMBER! Mobile app development is vastly different from building desktop software. MANAGE AND MAINTAIN Even when apps are fully developed and deployed, the mobilization effort does not end Actively manage mobile apps for optimal performance Samsung Application Support Services 83% of companies prefer to work with a partner when implementing mobile applications. Samsung Business Services offers a range of Application Support Services, including: STRATEGIC DESIGN CONSULTATION TRAINING APP DEVELOPMENT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER: “IT'S TIME TO SERIOUSLY ASSESS YOUR MOBILE APP STRATEGY” BLOG Sources: Frost & Sullivan research TWITTER @SamsungBizUSA WEBSITE p H to

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