5 Fascinating Facts About Caterpillar You Probably Didn’t Know

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5 Fascinating Facts About Caterpillar You Probably Didn’t Know

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#1 Caterpillar was once a farm-equipment company

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The Caterpillar Tractor Co. Caterpillar’s founders, Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best were pioneers in the agriculture industry. In 1925, Holt Manufacturing Company and Best Tractor Company merged to form The Caterpillar Tractor Co. 

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The Caterpillar Tractor Co. A sign from Montana that was likely used by a Caterpillar dealer. Source: Caterpillar

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The Caterpillar Tractor Co. Until the 1940s, farm tractors were Caterpillar’s primary product. In 1986, The Caterpillar Tractor Co. changed its name to Caterpillar Inc. In 2002, Caterpillar sold its farm-equipment business to AGCO.

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#2 Caterpillar wasn’t always the yellow you see today

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They were not all yellow Caterpillar equipment was originally gray. In 1931, the company switched to “highway yellow.” The “Caterpillar yellow” currently in use is trademarked. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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#3 Think Cummins when you think engines? Think again

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An old play, from diesel… Making diesel engines since 1931. At one point in time, Cat became the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer after acquiring Perkins in 1997. Source: Perkins

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…to natural gas Caterpillar has also been making natural-gas engines and generator sets since 1941 Source: Caterpillar

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#4 Dealers as old as the company

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Caterpillar’s dealership network is big, and strong.

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So strong, that… Some of its dealers have been with Caterpillar since 1925 Source: Yancey Bros. Co.

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Bigger than the company itself! Dealership network’s net worth: $23.4 billion Dealer employee count:161,700 Caterpillar employee count: 111,247

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#5 You’ve seen CAT merchandise, but do you know how big the business is?

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A top licensor According to License! Global, Caterpillar ranked 26th among the top 150 global licensors in 2014, beating the likes of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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Vital stats for 2014 Retail merchandise sales: $2.1 billion, up 24% from 2013. 29 new lifestyle retail stores, taking its total store count to 107. A Cat merchandise center. Source: Caterpillar

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