The Shift from Physical to Digital Payments is Accelerating

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The Shift from Physical to Digital Payments is Accelerating Non-cash payment transactions expected to reach almost 390 billion globally in 2014 driven by… U.S. economic recovery Robust growth in Emerging Asia up 22% in 2013 China up 38% in 2013 due to regulators opening the cards market to competition China expected to rise to #4 globally in 2014 under U.S., Eurozone & Brazil Estimated to be at Too Big to Ignore least 10% or 40 billion of all non-cash payments in 2014 The Risk: Consumers have less protection since these payments are not subject to the same regulations 50% of all key regulatory and industry initiatives are continuing to drive innovation Regulations are becoming more complex and global New customer-centric innovations enter the playing field Are not the end goal but a platform for further innovation Blockchain technology may allow safe and traceable payments across the internet Clients would benefit from a level playing field for traditional providers and new entrants …will accelerate transaction speed, reduce risk and fraud, create new revenue sources, reduce transaction costs, and help reach new markets I [email protected] I [email protected] Note: Emerging Asia includes India and China as well as Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Source: World Payments Report 2015, Capgemini and RBS Copyright © Capgemini 2015. All Rights Reserved

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