Life Lessons Among The Laughs

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Life Lessons Among The Laughs

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While the death of a celebrity is always tragic, our collective heartbreak over losing Robin Williams has transcended the usual shock and grief. He was a legend that no one will soon forget.

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Let’s pay tribute to this great actor by remembering the wonderful movies he made, along with the inspiring thoughts that came with them. Here are 20 lessons we learned from Robin Williams.

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Life is an adventure worth living!

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Even the worst times have a silver lining worth waiting for!

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We all have a little madness inside us, and that’s okay!

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You can choose who you keep in your life.

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Always make the most of life, because you never know what could happen.

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Surround yourself with people who treat you right.

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Believe in yourself, because what you think could make a difference.

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Family and love are always the most Important..

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You will feel loss when you truly care for someone.

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Remember that death is inevitable, and we must accept it.

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Creativity is so important in every way.

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Don’t be afraid to face your fears.

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Find yourself and your voice sooner rather than later.

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Have empathy and try to change the way people see things.

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Always be honest with the people you love.

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Know that you can get through anything, even the hardest things.

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Be your own person, instead of worrying about what others think.

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Have fun no matter what boring task you are doing. .

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For all these lessons and for the time and laughter he shared with us, we only have one thing to say:  thank you, Robin.