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Linkin park

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Sommary : Slides 3-4-5 :Presentation of the group Linkin Park Slides 6-7-8 : Member introductions !! Slides 9-10 : albums ! Slides 11 : a small bonus !

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Linkin Park is a group that was created in 1996 in California. The group gained stardom through their successful debut album which was called « Hybrid Theory » that came out 4 years after the band’s formation (therefore in 2000). The group has received multiple awards for their talent. Linkin Park is an American rock band.

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Thereafter they recorded songs in the small room of a member of the group. But the group was not at first successful and they split. Mike, the first member of the group did everything to try to save it. In the early days, Linkin Park was formed by three friends who gave up their high school studies because they were very interested in music. They began to sing together and have a growing need of other people to join their group. They recruited Joe Hahn who was at first dj for the group and finally Dave Farrell and Mark Wakefield (who is no longer in this group today).

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Then Chester Bennington joined the group & is the band’s current singer. The arrival of Chester Bennington in the group completely changed the future of the group. The members began by changing the name of the group: at the beginning it was called the "Hybrid Theory", however, the name was already taken. So they decided to call it "Linkin Park". The meeting with a record company also changed the future of this group. Stardom began!

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Linkin park has six members who are called  Chester Bennington(singer) Mike shinoda (various instruments, mainly keyboards) Brad Delson (guitarist)

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Dave Farrell (bass) Rob Bourdon (drums) Joe Hahn (turntables, keyboard…)

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Here’s the whole family!

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Hybrid theory Meteora Minutes to midnight Released October 24, 2000 Released March 25, 2003 Released May 14, 2007

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A thousand suns Living things Released September 14, 2010 Released June 25, 2012

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