Do we have the same hobbies?

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Do we have the same hobbies?

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At the lesson We will act out dialogues about hobbies. Our classmates will tell us about their hobbies. We’ll listen to a story about hobbies. We’ll compare English and Russian hobbies.

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What is hobby? Hobby travelling collecting

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Guess the hobbies !

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Student’s hobbies Coin - монета Together - вместе Different – различный Country – страна Rare - редкий Should - следует

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Listen to the student speaking about his hobbies.

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Answer the following questions! What is Steve fond of? Did his father begin to collect coins? Does he go to a special club? Has he old and rare stamps?     Has he many modern Russian coins in his collection?

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Complete the sentences! 1)I have a big c_____of coins. 2) Now we do it t____. 3) There are more than 200 coins from d_____countries in our collection. 4) Collecting coins isn’t e____,you know. 5) You s____know much about different c_____and their p____. 6) I haven’t got any m____Russian coins in my c___.

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What hobbies do you have?

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Our hobbies and collections

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I like painting.

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I like roller-skating

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I like dancing

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I like judo

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I like to listen to musiс

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I like sport and fishing

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I like to take photos

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I like playing football

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I like roller-skating

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I like playing football

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I like to ski

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Let’s do our exercises

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Hobbies in Russia and England

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Unscramble the words! 1)deninggar 2)paingint 3)ingvelltra 4)tsorsp 5)rahoringsec 6)miwmings 7)tingleccol 8)cingdan 9)csimu 10)shfining 11)ginjgog 12)ertaeht 13)enicma 14)putmocer 15)adingre

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Homework You must to write an essay about hobbies which are popular in your family. Написать эссе о хобби, которые популярны в вашей семье.