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Text Text 5 Movies That Could Flop in 2016 Image source: Xbox

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Gods of Egypt Lions Gate's Gods of Egypt was reportedly made on a production budget of $140 million, and will release at the end of February—a month that typically plays host to movies that studios have little faith in. Image source: Lions Gate

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Why Gods of Egypt could fail to win followers Gods of Egypt has a lot working against it. A little more than a month from release, the movie's official website is bare bones, and most press coverage for the film centers on a controversy about the movie's casting makeup. Throw in the fact that movies set in Egypt haven't been winners in recent years, and Gods is a likely flop. Image source: Lions Gate

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The Legend of Tarzan Time Warner is hoping that its July 1 opener The Legend of Tarzan can be a successful summer blockbuster. There are reasons to be skeptical about that proposition. Image source: Time Warner

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Why audiences might ignore The Legend of Tarzan's call The Legend of Tarzan has had a troubled production, and the movie is reportedly still unfinished—which could suggest quality issues. The appeal of a live action Tarzan film also looks questionable in 2016, and a production budget of at least $180 creates the potential for big losses. Image source: Time Warner

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Rachet and Clank Focus Features and Comcast's upcoming Rachet and Clank movie is based on a PlayStation video game series. The picture hits theaters on April 29. Image source: Focus Features

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Why Rachet and Clank could be a clunker The Rachet and Clank video game series doesn't have a lot of pull at the moment, and it's uncertain if its characters have big screen appeal. Rachet and Clank was originally set for a 2015 release, but it was moved to 2016 in hopes of avoiding tough competition. Image source: Focus Features

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Pete's Dragon Disney's August 12 opener Pete's Dragon will be a modern take on the 1977 film of the same name. Image source: Disney

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Why Pete's Dragon could flame out at theaters Disney has an incredible lineup of classics ripe for a modern incarnation, but not many people were clamoring for a new Pete's Dragon. That doesn't mean the film can't find success, but it could be a tough sell in 2016. 1977's Pete's Dragon; Image source: Disney

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Warcraft Comcast's Warcraft is reported to have a production budget north of $100 million. The picture opens June 10. Image source: Comcast

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Why Warcraft could crash and burn Video game movies have a shaky box off history. “Warcraft” has a legion of fans, but the brand may carry negative associations with broader audiences. Image source: Comcast

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What does it mean if these movies flop? Thanks to tax incentives, Lions Gate only shouldered $10 million of Gods of Egypt's $140 million production budget. A flop would be bad, but it's not a huge risk for the company. If The Legend of Tarzan craters, it could be painful for Time Warner because of the company's 2015 flop, Pan, but Warner otherwise looks to have a strong 2016 lineup. Comcast's Rachet and Clank may not have a big budget, but a poor box office showing will have added sting if Warcraft also underperforms. Disney's film division is strong enough that it can sustain some flops. As such, Pete's Dragon is unlikely to be a very important picture for the company.

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