Amazon Is Changing the Pay TV Industry With Its New Content Streaming Options

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Amazon Is Changing the Pay TV Industry With Its New Content Streaming Options

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Amazon’s new Streaming Partners Program allows Prime members to order content subscriptions to networks like Showtime and Starz, directly through Prime — and at a discount. For example, Showtime’s standalone subscription usually costs $11 per month, but will cost $9 per month for Prime members. New ways to get more content

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What content providers get The upside for content makers is that they can offload much of of the streaming operations to Amazon, which will handle access to the content and all customer interaction, along with guaranteeing compatibility with a wide range of devices. All of this makes the Prime Streaming Partners program a low barrier of entry for the providers — if they’re willing to give up some control over their customer relationships.

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Amazon is using its large base of tens of millions of Prime subscribers to convince over-the-top (OTT) content makers to sell their subscriptions directly through Prime. Amazon gets the benefit of being the primary service provider while also expanding the offerings of its Prime membership. Targeting valuable viewers Image credit: Amazon

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What Prime members get Amazon said Prime members will receive free trials from all 20+ content partners, special pricing on subscriptions, the ability to watch the latest episodes at the same time they’re broadcasted, and an easy way to cancel subscriptions at any time. Image credit: Amazon.

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“With the Streaming Partners Program, we’re making it easy for video providers to reach highly engaged Prime members, many of whom are already frequent streamers, and we’re making it easier for viewers to watch their favorite shows and channels." — Michael Paull, Vice President of Digital Video at Amazon

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While Showtime launched its own OTT subscription service back in July, this is the first time Starz is offering its content without a pay TV subscription. This move, although small right now, is part of a larger movement among content makers to start selling their own subscriptions without a cable or satellite provider. How this changes Pay TV Image credit: Amazon.

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This is just the beginning for Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program, and we’ll likely see more subscription options added as time goes on. The new offering is another piece in Amazon’s content streaming arsenal, along with Amazon Prime Instant Video and Amazon’s digital video rentals and purchases. But the company isn’t stopping there. Rumors continue to surface that Amazon is looking to launch its own live TV service as well. Where Amazon goes from here Image credit: Amazon.

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