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g y n g i t t e olo G n h c e R.I.G.H.T. T REAL * IMAGINATION * GLOBAL * HONOR PASSION * TAKE ACTION Presented by Angela Maiers @angelamaiers

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Technology doesn’t change the world; PEOPLE DO.

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Technology doesn’t change the world; PEOPLE DO.

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> R.I.G.H.T.

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WWRT What Went Right Today?

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W.W.R.T. 0 2 .

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Sexting Texting Cyberbullying Police Warn Schools of Social Media Dangers Technology is Bad the Brain School Districts MUST Block, Ban, Banish

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? lobalize onor Passion To Contribute

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lobalize onor Passion To Contribute

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We get Technology right when we... MAGINATION

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Go To: @tonyvincent

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Two young girls in Washington State launched a handmade craft to capture the view from the edge of space. It was made of wood and broken arrow shafts and attached to a weather balloon filled with helium. It carried a flight computer with GPS, two GoPro cameras, and a picture of their cat next to a Lego R2-D2. The flight was successful by anyone’s standards, except those of this little girls. Because it didn’t go exactly as planned, they sat down and wrote out their “Lessons Learned.”

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Five 5th graders from Fresno CA created an app to track water conservation - one that kids actually want to use. They’ve raised $51,000 to build the app. Said a water company executive, "I figured they were just doing a typical classroom project and would have a few questions. Little did I know they actually had other intentions. They actually wanted this idea to come to fruition....I’m really happy that kids that young can come up with an idea that solves real-world problems.”

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This is 11yo Alyssa right after she received a 3D printed hand that changed her life.

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We ARE the web

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Welcome to the Community! Text

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@cybraryman Education Hashtags

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I started Project Yesu when I was in the 6th grade. From then to now I’ve had 14 teachers and only 3 of them ever showed any interest in what I am doing. This year it’s different, after my teachers found out that I won a Bammy, it’s like they realize that I am for real. It bothers me that my teacher didn’t seem to care about what I do outside of their classrooms. So what I would like to say to the teachers, principals, superintendents or whoever...

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its great that you blog or tweet your great classroom ideas and experiences, or that you found a great app to use with your students, or helped them to understand fractions better, but what about... caring about their passions? Showing interest in their lives? Encouraging them, finding their spark and helping them grow, even if it doesn’t make them better on a standardized test. Be The Change--Mallory Fundora 8th Grader and Founder of Project Yesu

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The Web is no longer built around content. It is built around passion. People, ideas, communities of passion-driven individuals have become its DNA.

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Blogging Our Passions

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Passion Driven Experiences

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The C C’s Connection Collaboration Creativity Critical Thinking ontribution

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You Are What You Share!!

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You Are What You Share!!

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WE Are What WE Share!!

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Technology doesn’t change the world; PEOPLE DO.

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