7 Motivational Thoughts to Help You Finish Your Dissertation

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A lifetime membership in the DOCTOR’S CLUB can only be earned by completing a dissertation. But the dissertation process can be challenging, so it’s easy to become discouraged.

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Every dissertation encounters BARRIERS you cannot control. When you find these barriers OVERWHELMING, keep the following thoughts in mind.

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1 You are smart enough if you made it this far, so it is self-defeating to quit now.

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2 Your Committee Members want you to finish and succeed. They agreed to work with you because they believe in you.

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3 You really do know what you are doing. Even though you’ve never written a dissertation before, you have probably written five separate papers that have all the elements of a dissertation, which hopefully makes it feel less daunting.

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4 You will get through these barriers and will have them as future learning experiences.

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5 You will have this degree forever; you just have to get it.

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6 Writing and research skills can be developed just like bicep muscles— both can be made stronger with the right conditioning.

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7 You are only burned-out because you were really ON FIRE!

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“If you are having trouble getting your thesis on paper, start by writing for just 15 MINUTES EVERY DAY. Even if you complete just a few sentences at the end of 15 minutes, it will add up.” -Dr. John (Jack) D. Mayer Department of Psychology University of New Hampshire

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A dissertation is no different than any other big goal. You’ve made it this far. DON’T STOP NOW regardless of your frustration level.

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