The Use of Technology and Social Media to Educate and Motivate

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The Use of Technology and Social Media to Educate and Motivate By Danielle Brigida U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo by: Kristine Sowl USFWS

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I’m a Wildlife and Technology Geek

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Social Media: Just a New Way To Do Old Business

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Some Reasons To Be on Social Media Fire = Criticism Earth = Relationships Flood = Support

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Who Needs An Overview? Twitter Facebook Instagram Linkedin Tumblr Flickr Youtube Google+ Pinterest

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Types of Social Media

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Let’s Work to Remind the World What’s Out There

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Steps to Giving Your Message the Best Shot at Being Heard Photo: Steve Chase USFWS

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Join the Community (Don’t Just Talk At It) Listen Carefully Be Responsive Add Value Spark Discussion Be Present Follow Passion

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Weave a Story Involving Your Community @klsnature

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Consider ALL your communication channels

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Do not just “push it out”

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Art of Quality Conversations Speak Less- Listen More Develop Your Sense of Humor Know Your Current Events Keep Track of Interesting Experiences Be a Bearer of Good Tidings Keep Comments Short and To the Point @starfocus

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Objectives and Visual Elements Inspire Americans To Protect Wildlife For Our Children’s future Photographs Getting Outdoors Watching for Wildlife Instagram Google+ Facebook Flickr

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Give Others the Microphone to Share Your Work

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Find Ways to Engage That Encourage Social Behavior

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Serve as a Resource:

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Understand the Content Lifespan Formal Informal Right Now 3 years from now

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Let your content give context to your work

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Adapt to how people use the tools…

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Listen to and Research Your Audience

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For Example… Search Keywords Organization’s Name Key individuals Branding mistakes Program references Referring Traffic Google Analytics Facebook insights

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Organize and Follow Key Opinion Leaders

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Repurpose Content

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Combine Online and Offline Media

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Make the presence benefit both YOU and your community

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Redefine the Tool

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Be Strategic About What You Post

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Make Sharing Easy and Accessible

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Understand How People are Consuming and Sharing Content Compelling Message Intriguing Visual Clear Action

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Choose Your Metrics

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How should you use social media? br3akthru Like (Mad) Scientists!

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Questions? Danielle Brigida National Social Media Manager U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service @USFWSHQ or @starfocus [email protected] Judy N, Flickr