11 Excellent Web Design Tips for Businesses

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Figure out who your target audience will be and what their expectations are. INVESTIGATE

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It is not recommend to use more than two to three colors on your website. LIMIT COLORS

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The Logo is a major part of your brand and will be point of recognition. LOGO

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Visitors need to be able to read the text properly. TEXT CONTRAST

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Ensure that your website is secure, always. EXTREMES

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Keep things organized. DESIGN ORDER

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Preferably use a 12-column grid. USE A GRID

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Only display the most essential elements on your website. SIMPLICITY

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Follow the latest web design trends but don’t overuse the trends. TRENDS

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You always want it to be unique. BE ORIGINAL, DON’T BUY A THEME

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Before you throw your website it in front of your audience, test it thoroughly. Test Your Designs

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