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10 Leadership Lessons I Wish I Had Learned In My 20’s By Todd Wilms, Social Strategy at SAP

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The collection of 10 Leadership Lessons is the culmination of 20 years in leadership positions at some of the best known brands on the planet, like eBay/PayPal, Citrix Online, PeopleSoft, and agency GPJ. Todd is the social strategist to help SAP realize its goal of becoming a world-class social enterprise, where he also speaks around the world and contributes on Forbes and other popular media platforms. He is currently on the advisory board of Online Marketing Institute and was previously on the Operating Board of the Northern California Chapter of the MS Society. Please read the original, accompanying piece on Forbes at www.forbes.com/sap For further insight and information, please follow Todd at @toddmwilms or on LinkedIn. The following views expressed are my own and do not reflect those or imply endorsement of SAP or any other organization.

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It’s All Personal, Not Business You aren’t in a Michael Douglas* movie. What you say and do impacts people. * Wall Street or any other movie where he plays a corporate jerk. 2.

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Think Marathon, Not Sprint Smarter decisions will be made by thinking of the long-term strategy, instead of the short-term gain. 3.

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Find a Mentor Get that “go to” person in your life 4.

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There Are Incredibly Smart People Who Will Help You If You Ask “You Just Need To Ask” 5.

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6. Leadership Doesn’t Need A Title It starts with “trust”

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7. Learn To Eat S**t

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What Is More Important Is How You Handle The Big Screw-Up 8. “Leadership is as much about defeat as it is about success”

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Bonus: You can outlast that thing standing between you and your goals