Don’t understand the job ad jargon? We’ve got the translations to help.

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Don’t understand the job ad jargon? We’ve got the translations to help.

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Attention to detail: Someone who is good at spelling, grammar. An employee who checks their work to avoid making silly mistakes.

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Excellent communication skills: The ability to receive and convey information clearly and effectively. Someone who can understand instructions, ask questions, read behavioral cues and adapt to new situations.

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Very small team: You will be working in a small team where you’ll likely collaborate with others on projects. I In this case it won’t just be your professional skills that are important, but also that your personality will fit in with the rest of the team.

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Fast-paced, dynamic environment: You won’t get to rock in at 9am and leave at 5pm on the dot. You might be required to work overtime and have a lot of tasks on the go at once.

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Self-starter: Your manager won’t be giving you instructions all the time. You’ll be expected to generate your own work and assist others without be told to do so.

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Happy to pitch in: The recruiter is looking for someone that is happy to help out with even the smallest tasks without thinking the simple tasks are beneath them.

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Ability to learn quickly: This is someone who doesn’t need their hand held during their first three months on the job. Instead they take notes, ask questions and dive into the role.

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Understanding recruitment lingo will help you address the criteria in your cover letter and increase your chances of getting your foot through the interview room door.

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