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That thing you do when you say, “it’s so easy, anyone can do it…” That’s your gift, your talent and it’s worth something. KNOW YOUR WORTH

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KNOW WHAT IS YOU DO Create socialized brand news and engagement around big events.

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I run unabashedly free through this one life, without fear I expect the unexpected I believe in abundance I live DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT

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IDENTIFY A NEED, GO FOR IT Where is there a deficiency in your niche? For me, it’s the ability to make brands less passive It’s more than logo placement, now it’s correspondent placement Wins = more business

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WHO MAKES YOUR “NICE” LIST? Align yourself with brands that share your values Identify their PR contacts Schedule time to meet with them (phone, conferences, events) Meet with them quarterly and/or annually Work your key messaging into brand meetings (when brands think of you, they think…) Update your list like media list, quarterly (frequent turnover) @typeaparent #typeavegas

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BUILD YOUR DECK & USE YOUR SOCIAL PROFILE AS A BUSINESS CARD Who do you reach How far is your reach What do your conversations focus on Where do your conversations “live” Celebrate your successes @typeaparent #typeavegas

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CREATE YOUR TOOLS & RESOURCES ARSENAL Think about the many roles you need to play: strategist, communicator, producer, writer, editor, connector, enthusiast, CFO, janitor… Keep an eye on media trends Use productivity tools to maximize efforts (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive…)

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It’s easy to get caught up in the “game” and forget why you’re doing this in the first place. IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL, DON’T LOSE FOCUS @typeaparent #typeavegas