How Jessica Alba grew her startup to worth $1.7 billion

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How Jessica Alba grew her startup to worth $1.7 billion INSTAGRAM/ SCREENSHOT

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The Honest Company is an ecommerce site cofounded by Jessica Alba that sells nontoxic baby products. The Honest brand has become popular for whom are willing to pay extra money to overcome the fears of exposing their babies to chemical products.

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In August 2015, the movie star Jessica Alba had raised $100 million This brought the value of the retailer up to $1.7 billion for the startup that she founded in 2011 and boosted the startup’s value by more than 50% since it last raised funds a year ago.

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The company sale was growing fast since 2013 About 75% of its product sells come through her eCommerce website and the brand is available in more 2,500 locations, including Target stores. The company sale was growing fast since 2013 when it made $60 million in following by $170 million in 2014.

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3 Lessons Here are We can learn from what Jessica Alba had achieved

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Hard word & determination 1 INSTAGRAM/ SCREENSHOT

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Hard Word & Determination In one of her interviews Alba said that she was working about 86 hours per week at her vintage teal blue desk, overseeing marketing and brand development for her company.

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Never underestimate yourself 2 INSTAGRAM/ SCREENSHOT

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Treat Me Like a Guy Jessica Alba said “Treat Me Like a Guy”. She proves that she’s more than just another pretty face as she had challenges with people looking at her when she was presenting her business plan.

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Don’t be the smartest 3 INSTAGRAM/ SCREENSHOT

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Don’t be the smartest person in the room “You should never be the smartest person in the room,” she said. Always look to who’s smarter who you can learn lessons from. She sought advice countless experts in the public and private sector. “I think that’s something I had to learn as a woman in business, to ask for help, and to not be afraid of criticism,” said Alba.

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