Traveling on a Budget

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BUD GET TRAVELLING Presented on PLAY SATURDAY 20 / 06 / 2015

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BUDGET MATTERS Save up right away after payday Plan ahead, be ready with sufficient funds Mind the low season (feb-may / sept-nov)

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BUDGET MATTERS Online reservation sometimes is much cheaper Short haul itineraries make 3-4 times of travelling per year possible

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BUDGET MATTERS Best cuisines are usually on the street side. It’s tasty and affordable Don’t buy gifts too much. If you do, bargain and compare from more spots on your last day

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WHERE TO GO • Affordable city tour • Nature (beach, mountain, waterfall, etc.) • Culinary • Beautiful is relative. Choose one affordable place that covers city, beach, culture, and mountains : BALI & JOGJA  TIPS : LEARN FROM OTHER EXPERIENCES (FRIENDS, BLOGGERS, FORUMS, ETC.)

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HAPPY TRAVELLING make memories…

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