11 Places You Should Visit in the Off Season

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11 Gorgeous Locations That Become More Desirable When The Crowds Leave

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WEATHER THE STORM IN BOTSWANA This very expensive place is perfect during the monsoon, when most tourists cannot handle the rain and storm. All their stay options are much cheaper, food is more affordable and you can get a luxury experience that would otherwise be unaffordable. ------------------------------- When to visit: November to April

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BASK IN BELIZE Summer is the time for local food festivals, cheap hotel rates and free drinks! It’s sweltering but it’s worth sweating it out for the rich experience. You can even spot wildlife here! ------------------------------- When to visit: May to September

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WIND THROUGH CANALS IN VENICE Invest in some warm clothes and visit during winter to escape the mob. Make sure you check the weather report to avoid heading over when there’s a flood. ------------------------------- When to visit: December to February

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GET A BARGAIN IN HAWAII There are just so many tourists there through the year. Ourtip for the summer – visit places at an altitude like Haleakala or the Big Island. They’re much cooler than the rest, so even though it’s dry and humid, it won’t be so bad! ------------------------------- When to visit: April to June

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SOME QUIET TIME IN YELLOWSTONE Find that open window just after summer and before winter, and this National Park is extremely affordable, much quieter and you'll even get more attention from tour guides and locals! Autumn is the best time to visit. ------------------------------- When to visit: September and October

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DISCOVER THE ARCHIPELAGO OF AZORES Off season here means slightly more deserted roads, no hustle and bustle, lush green scenery and a lot of natural beauty. Bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, soak up some Portuguese culture and enjoy the cooler winter winds. ------------------------------- When to visit: October to December

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ARUBA, ARUBA! Visit off season so you can easily afford the casinos and other island luxuries. There is a chance the weather will let you down but if it doesn’t, you will have the time of your life, enjoy the cool sea breeze and soak up the sun without spending too much. ------------------------------- When to visit: April to August

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SAIL DOWN THE MEDITERRANEAN Summer is more popular in the French Riviera but imagine a cool winter breeze, warm fur coats and pretty berets. Pretty good, right? It’s also quieter, more empty and if the winter fog lifts, little stars dot the sky over the water! ------------------------------- When to visit: December to February

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VISITING VIETNAM If you want to get the best prices and enjoy the more crowded attractions like the Hanoi Opera House and stay at Park Hyatt Saigon at cheaper rates, visit during summer! Most hotels actually have special packages and offers! ------------------------------- When to visit: May to October

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ROMANCE ON A LAKE IN RUSSIA Lake Baikal is one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia and even when the temperature drops to absolutely freezing temperatures, it is gorgeous. They even have special winter activities here! ------------------------------- When to visit: December to January

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CHILL ON A BEACH IN MEXICO Usually a pretty expensive option, the Riviera Maya is best avoided during the summer, when it sees the largest number of tourists. Now, we don’t mean visit during hurricane season, so avoid going there at the end of the year! ------------------------------- When to visit: April to May

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